Warhammer 40K fan project Astartes leads Games Workshop to create new, official animations

Astartes is a fan-made animated series that follows a team of Area Militaries as they tackle among their bloody objectives in the Warhammer 40,000 franchise. The job was developed by Syama Pedersen, and acquired countless views on YouTube. Games Workshop paid attention to the job’s success, and worked with Pedersen to the group. Now, a wave of brand-new, main Warhammer animations is on the method, which is an interesting possibility for fans of Astartes’ fastidiously animated action.

There’s an abundant history of Warhammer fan jobs turning authorities as Games Workshop notifications animators and filmmakers putting their handles the long-running franchise on YouTube. Richard Boylan, a cinematic designer at Electronic Arts, launched jobs like Helsreach and Guardsman on YouTube. That developed into Angels of Death, an approaching series following the Blood Angels Area Militaries. This is the launching program from Warhammer Storyforge.

Pedersen is now dealing with a follow-up to Astartes as part of the Warhammer Animation Group. There are other freshly revealed jobs under that umbrella. Lost Legion Studios is dealing with The Exodite, a story about the T’au, an increasing empire in service to a viewpoint called the Greater Good. Paxel Art is dealing with Primaris: The Last Templar, which follows the Black Templars. On the other hand, Iron Within originates from Codex Movie, revealing the Iron Warriors in action versus the Drukthari, likewise called Dark Eldar.

There’s definitely a need for all of this Warhammer 40K media, with boxed sets like the limited-edition Indomitus offering out right away. Huge Light Productions, the group behind Amazon’s The Guy in the High Castle, is establishing a live-action program based off the Eisnhorn books by Dan Abnett.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.