Warframe’s big story quest, The New War, arrives in December

It’s a huge time for Warframe, as The New War is lastly en route. The New War is a story growth that acts on the primary story, and it’s set to lastly deal with some longstanding plots that have actually been developed over the previous couple of years worrying the gamer, the maternal Lotus, and the AI army referred to as the Sentients. On Friday, designer Digital Extremes revealed that The New War is set to be launched in December on all platforms.

Prior To The New War itself shows up, Digital Extremes is running an occasion that revives Prime Warframes. Prime Warframes are a much better variation of the titular Warframes — for example, Ivara is a completely capable hunter, however Ivara Prime has greater guards, armor, energy, and sprint speed. These Prime Warframes are typically not available for purchase, and it’s difficult to get your hands on them if they aren’t readily available in the shop. The Prime Revival is indicated to repair that, and the program starts on Nov. 16.

Every week, gamers will have the ability to unlock or make 2 Prime Warframes, along with their weapons and devices, from a brand-new occasion store in Maroo’s Marketplace. Shopkeep Varzia will trade these effective plans to gamers who generate a brand-new resource: Aya, which can be discovered in Space Antique objectives, and Regal Aya, a real-money currency.

We’ll get more info on The New War on Nov. 30, with a brand-new cinematic trailer. Digital Extremes likewise prepares to bring cross-save and cross-play to the video game in 2022.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.