War Thunder – “Ixwa Strike” Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Keep in mind! DLCs from the packages can’t be appointed two times to the exact same account!

This Package consists of:

Rooikat 105 (Rank 6, Great Britain);
Meteor F.Mk.8 Reaper (Rank 5 Great Britain);
4000 Golden Eagles;
Premium represent one month;

The Rooikat 105 is a customized model southern African Rooikat, established in 1994 particularly for export as a tank destroyer. The primary distinction is an up-to-date weaponry – an effective high-powered 105 mm GT7 rifled weapon, and likewise an advanced fire control system and thermal vision. The ammo of this tank consists of APFSDS with armor penetration more than 300 mm, HEATFS and HESH shells. In addition, the tank is geared up with a coaxial 7.62 mm gatling gun and likewise 2 quad-barrel smoke grenade launchers.

The Reaper is an unique variation of the British Gloster Meteor F Mk.8 fighter with numerous upgrades: the wings themselves have actually been enhanced, and, most significantly, the amount of suspended weapons has actually been increased. In addition to the primary weaponry of 4 Hispano Mk.V 20-mm cannons, the Meteor attack airplane can bring 4 bombs of 1,000 pounds each or 24 RP-3 rockets. The Meteor F Mk.8 Reaper is not just an exceptional airplane for high-ranking air fights; it’s likewise an exceptional option for combined fights, where its capacity as an attack airplane or evasive bomber is totally exposed.

All superior lorries enable you to make increased Research study Points and Silver Lions for each fight and comes provided with all offered adjustments.

With a Premium account (likewise buyable in the video game for Golden Eagles) you will make more Research study Points and Silver Lions throughout each fight for a set quantity of days. This is cumulative with benefits from superior lorries!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.