WandaVision: The hexagon theory and villain Mephisto, explained

Another week, another wild theory about what’s actually going on in the picturesque however threatening comedy life of WandaVision. Some have actually ended up being red herrings, while others have actually been right on the cash for the Disney Plus initial, which is now 3 weeks in.

However after the discoveries in episode 4, “We Interrupt This Program,” there’s something audiences are turning their eyes to: hexagons.

Yes, hexagons. And if the comics audiences checking out in between the lines are right, the shapes might be a signal of a brand-new bad guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for WandaVision through episode 4.]

Hexagons, discussed

The hexagon forcefield around Wanda in WandaVision

Image: Marvel Studios

Hexagons are a shape with 6 sides and 6 corners. When all the sides are of equivalent length, each corner forms a 120-degree angle. Hexagons have another beautiful intriguing quality, which is that they tessellate — hexagons with sides of equivalent length can lay beside each other like tiles with no spaces in between them. And of the equal-sided shapes that tessellate, hexagons have one of the most area for their size.

Which’s why you’ll discover them taking place in intriguing locations in nature! They’re the best naturally taking place shape for beehives to keep stacks of honey and eggs in with no squandered area.

That’s whatever I understand about hexagons. There are likewise some repeating hexagons in WandaVision.

Agent Jimmy Woo writes a list of unanswered questions on a whiteboard in WandaVision.

Image: Marvel Studios

And we understand that they’re considerable in some method, due to the fact that the characters beyond Westview (or ought to we state WestView) have actually begun to observe them. Hexagonal shapes sound pictures of Wanda and Vision in the “credits” of each “episode” of the tv program that is beaming out of Westview. And it even appears like the energy field surrounding the town is likewise in a hexagonal shape.

What does this all imply? There are theories based in comics tradition, as is the method.

Possibly the easiest description might be that if all of Westview is an item of Wanda’s capabilities, the hexagons are a rather actual visual analysis of the Scarlet Witch’s frequently ill-defined “hex” power.

Or, while we now understand the beekeeper spotted in episode 2 wasn’t an OBJECTIVE flunky after all, the hexagons might be another bee-related theme that may ultimately indicate the wicked science company.

There’s an even wilder theory drifting around out there, based upon the truth that hexagons have 6 sides. You understand, like 666. This one goes all the method to the leading! If by the top, we imply the outright bottom. And we do.

*huge bong struck* What if Mephisto?

Flanked by a guard, Mobius M. Mobius passes something to a small child, in front of a stained glass window of a devil-like figure in Loki.

A stained glass window seen in the trailer for Loki appears to illustrate Mephisto, or a figure rather like him.
Image: Marvel Studios

Mephisto is basically the devil of the Marvel Comics universe, and as such it’s really simpler to discuss superheroes who haven’t had a run in with him than not. He remained in the initial Infinity Onslaught story that Avengers: Infinity War was based upon. He’s a repeating bad guy for Medical professional Strange. He included mainly in among the most questionable Spider-Man stories of the last twenty years. In the comics, Wanda’s twin young boys were unintentionally constructed out of pieces of his soul.

And there have actually been some tips that Mephisto will appear in Loki (see the still frame above), due to strike Disney Plus in May.

That’s enough of a possible connection for fans to sink their teeth into this theory. Why would Mephisto be messing with the Scarlet Witch in a post-Thanos universe? Well, why not? He’s the actual devil, he desires souls, he wishes to control great individuals into doing bad things, he wishes to reduce joy worldwide and he has the devilish powers to warp truth itself. He as soon as reanimated Auntie Might for Spider-Man in exchange for making it so that Spider-Man’s pleased marital relationship never ever took place.

He’s like Loki, however no enjoyable.

According to Big Tease Kevin Feige, the next time we see Wanda will remain in Medical Professional Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, which might suggest that WandaVision has strategies to present more magic into its story. And if the Marvel Cinematic Universe was searching for a brand-new bad guy even worse than Thanos, it’s tough to fail with the actual Devil. In the comics, he’s got his own ties to the Infinity Onslaught, and while Marvel didn’t make a carbon copy of the comics to the movies, the studio simulates to echo comics story arcs.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.