WandaVision: Can Scarlet Witch get pregnant and have kids with Vision?

Young couples can barely manage without an older relative asking when they’re going to have kids. And you can’t make WandaVision without comics fans asking whether they’re going to have kids, much like in the comics.

However “Do the Scarlet Witch and the Vision have kids?” is a more complex matter than you may believe, and the responses are “Yes,” “No, they died,” and “Yes, they’re teenage superheroes now” all at once. Let’s unload this.

[Ed. note: If you want to go into WandaVision without knowing anything about the show, skip this post. There are some comics details that might be considered spoilers, and spoilers for the series’ second episode.]

Thanks To Marvel Studios

In the 2nd episode of WandaVision ends with a surprise and a huge tease: Wanda’s sudden-onset pregnancy. However truthfully, it’s not weirder than Wanda or Vision’s powers — or that they appear to be caught in a world that’s stammering forward through a brand-new years of comedy history every day.

In the comics, Wanda and the Vision do have kids. Notoriously so, you may state. And while we can’t state whether it’ll end up like this in the program, here’s the comics background that the makers of WandaVision might be pulling from.

Billy and Tommy’s Outstanding Experience

In Marvel comic connection, the Scarlet Witch and Vision have twin kids: Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd. Billy, who passes Wiccan (or Asgardian, or Demiurge) acquired the Scarlet Witch’s wonderful, truth warping powers. Tommy, who passes Speed, took after Wanda’s own twin bro Pietro/Quicksilver. He’s extremely quick, you see.

You may be questioning why Billy and Tommy have various surnames, and why neither of those surnames are Wanda’s. It’s due to the fact that they’re really the reincarnations of the Scarlet Witch and Vision’s dead twins, unconsciously raised by 2 various sets of entirely typical birth moms and dads.

The Scarlet Witch and the Vision got wed in 1975’s Avengers #4, and in 1986’s The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, the 2 had a set of twin kids, Billy and Tommy. How does a robotic daddy kids? Well, you don’t need to stress over biological logistics when your other half is a witch who can utilize her powers to turn wonderful energy into genuine live infants.

However comics are not kind to couples who need to compete with with laborious narrative stumbling blocks like “who’s taking care of the kids while we fight bad guys” and “given the tenuous nature of time in superhero comics, how old are these babies anyway?” In 1989’s Avengers West Coast #52, it was exposed that the infants were constructed of hell energy, and Mephisto desired it back. The supreme devil of Marvel comics unmade the Wanda and Vision’s infants, and they were childless (and separated, for unassociated factors) again.

Wiccan and Speed, the reincarnated infant sons of the Scarlet Witch and Vision, on the cover of Young Avengers Presents #3, Marvel Comics (2008). They both wear skintight costumes. Wiccan accessorizes with a headband and tattered red cloak, while Speed wears goggles with yellow lenses and his hair is completely white.

Wiccan (left) and Speed.
Image: Jim Cheung, John Dell, Justin Ponsor/Marvel Comics

In the 2000s, Billy and Tommy were reintroduced as teenage superheroes and hired into the Young Avengers group. Over a series of experiences they found that Mephisto hadn’t been entirely effective in reabsorbing the souls of child Billy and Tommy. Those souls had actually been reincarnated, as the children of entirely typical people Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan and Frank and Mary Shepherd, respectively.

Despite The Fact That they had various mother and fathers, and matured in entirely various households, Billy and Tommy looked precisely like each other and were twins. And the Scarlet Witch was their mommy, and the Vision was their daddy.

Is WandaVision going to utilize much of this?

Most Likely not, which’s fine. Possibly Wanda and Vision will have twin infants with superpowers. Possibly they’ll have twin infants who are ultimately exposed to be a huge wonderful technique. Possibly they’ll simply have typical twin infants (though that result is so ordinary that it appears like the least most likely occasion).

All we can state today is that Wanda absolutely appears pregnant, and there are a great deal of various comics components that the makers of WandaVision might pull from to make that as strange as possible.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.