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Walmart taps virtual try-on technology for Be Your Own Model launch — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Walmart is expanding its use of AI powered virtual try-on technology for online shoppers.

This hails from the retailer’s 2021 acquisition of the startup Zeekit.

Earlier this year, it introduced the first implementation of the tech, Choose My Model, enabling customers to select from various models to find one who best looks like them in order to see how clothing would likely look on their own body, and with their own skin tone, across a range of apparel items.

Now, Walmart is launching Be Your Own Model, which lets people use their own photos to see how clothing looks on them, instead of choosing one of the existing fashion models.

“We are the first to offer a virtual try-on experience for apparel brands at scale, and it’s the most realistic application I have seen,” says Denise Incandela, Executive Vice President, Apparel and Private Brands, Walmart U.S.

“Our technology accomplishes this with algorithms and intricate machine learning models – techniques originally utilised in developing highly accurate topographic maps – to show how an item of clothing will look on someone.”

She adds: ‘“Other experiences typically lay a photo of an item on top of another image, making it appear computer generated. With Be Your Own Model, a customer sees an ultra realistic simulation with shadows, fabric draping and where clothing falls on their figure in seconds.”

“For example, a single shirt can come in six different colours, seven different sizes and two sleeve lengths. Our technology captures all the variations and shows how they look uniquely on each individual.”

The feature is now available on more than 270,000 items across Walmart’s portfolio of exclusive and private brands.

Be Your Own Model is currently rolling out to iOS users of the Walmart app.

iOS users will soon also be able to take their image in the Walmart app to use the feature on desktop or web. It will be available on Android devices in the coming weeks.

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