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Walk to Remember at Genesis Fitness Trail

ZANESVILLE, OH- Genesis Hospital hosted an event at the Genesis Fitness Trail called Walk to Remember. This special event is a way for families who have lost infants to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillborn and newborn death to honor and remember them through walking around the Genesis Fitness Trail and writing memories and messages on rocks that are placed in the memorial rock garden on the hospital grounds.   

Bereavement Coordinator for Genesis Healthcare System Jana Bell spoke about who came up with the idea of having this event at the Genesis Fitness Trail.

“This started several years ago with a group of our nurses who wanted to be able to have the community come in and acknowledge those losses that the families have had whether it be through ectopic, miscarriage, stillbirth or newborns. We also welcome anyone who’s had the loss of a child and again this happened to come about probably ten plus years ago by a group of our nurses who just wanted to give back to the community. So, we typically come here and talk a walk around the fitness trail and then also create a painting of a rock to put in our angel garden.”

Bell also spoke about why she thinks this event is very important to the community.

“It allows them for everyone to hear the voice of the babies that weren’t born and honored, to remember them and that means a lot to the families.”

This event allows the families who have lost an infant to honor them and remember them through their memories and a loving bond with the community.

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