Vtuber Korone played WarioWare using an entire GameCube as a controller

Inugami Korone, a popular Vtuber with Hololive, streamed a WarioWare video game on Tuesday. The banner appeared with her virtual design as normal, however there was simply one twist: Korone utilized a whole GameCube console as a controller to play the video game. This is due to the fact that WarioWare: Twisted! has an integrated gyro sensing unit in its cartridge that’s required to play a few of the mini-games.

Korone streamed the video game utilizing a Video game Kid Gamer, a peripheral you can connect to your GameCube that enables you to play Video game Kid Advance video games on the tv. She utilized that to stream the video game. Nevertheless, the cartridge, which had the gyro sensing unit in it, was still connected to the bigger console. So, to use the built-in sensing unit, she picked up the entire console and started using it as a controller.

Korone streams while speaking in Japanese, but YouTube account JShay Translations subtitled clips of the stream in English, including when she first sets it up. You can view that video below.

Vtubers don’t show live feeds of real people playing; it’s an animated model, so we didn’t actually get to see Korone handling the bulky console herself. However, she did layer a little doodle of a GameCube being held under her Vtuber model to show that she was using it. Throughout the stream, you can see her screaming and laughing when trying to do simple tasks, like navigating the menu, because even that used the gyro sensing unit to select options.

A GameCube is a pretty heavy console, however at least it has a handle on the back. If you’re interested in seeing just how things worked out, you can see the complete stream on her main YouTube channel.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.