Venom: Let There Be Carnage breakfast scene predicted on Tumblr a year ago

The trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage has a lot of symbiote action, however all anybody on Tumblr can discuss is the scene where the symbiote makes breakfast for Eddie.

In truth, last April, a Tumblr user made a post that essentially forecasted the plot point:

I desire Venom 2 to start with a vivacious tune playing while Eddie makes breakfast or something. It needs to have visual gags such as Venom opening the refrigerator for him to obtain eggs while he’s at the range to demonstrate how their relationship has actually established in between the very first and 2nd motion picture and how they truly remain in sync and in a mutualistic symbiosis thanks

Victoria, the Tumblr user behind the post, states that she made the post when the Venom follow up was initially expected to come out in October 2020. She’d been a substantial fan of the very first motion picture, happily amazed by the pal comedy-horror combination and small talk in between Eddie and Venom. Delighted for the follow up, she required to Tumblr with a wishful forecast for the motion picture.

“My immediate go-to was something funny that would help bridge the gap between what we saw at the ending of the first movie and what could happen after Eddie and Venom had spent some time together, and I figured a strange domestic breakfast scene would do just that,” she informs Polygon.

Tom Hardy facing off with Venom.

Picture: Sony Pictures

The concept of domestic happiness in between Eddie and Venom leaned into what Tumblr users and fan neighborhoods so frequently gravitate towards. There is something especially engaging about seeing characters routinely associated with high-stakes scenarios share softer minutes with one another. These scenarios might not be life-or-death, however they highlight characters’ relationships with one another. Not just is seeing characters typically associated with harmful scenarios doing basic things like making coffee or carrying out in a neighborhood skill reveal amusing, it likewise showcases a various side to their relationships, highlighting what the characters appear like in downtime and advising us just what is at stake. While these minutes of downtime are really typical in comics, they’re quite bereft in pricey, plot-heavy superhero motion pictures. Fans recreate the elements that make these stories so attractive, be it through fan art, fanfiction, or theoretical posts.

When among these what-if situations in fact occurs on screen, fans naturally go wild. Cates Holderness, head of editorial at Tumblr, informed Polygon that the rise of engagement made total sense.

“All Tumblr wanted was a domestic AU with Eddie and the symbiote,” she states. “They wanted Symbrock [the duo’s ship name] having breakfast in the morning,”

In truth, according to information offered by Tumblr, on the day the trailer launched, the engagement with the Venom tag saw a whooping 132,000% boost. Symbrock and Venom: Let There Be Carnage leapt to top place on Tumblr Fandometrics’ ship lists and motion picture lists respectively. Definitely, there would still be buzz over the motion picture without the trailer straight showing a Tumblr post, however users have actually quite focused on what they hope will come out of Venom and Eddie’s relationship.

“I’ve seen a lot of discussion about [Eddie and Venom] moving into the nature of the relationship that they have in the comic book. In the comic books, they’re basically canon; they call each other love,” says Holderness. “It’s a very sweet relationship that they have in the comic books. A lot of people have been drawing parallels between scenes in the trailer and scenes in the comic books.”

While Symbrock isn’t technically official, some writers have depicted Eddie and the symbiote’s relationship with more romantic subtext than others (and to be fair, some of those writers have depicted it as a very toxic romantic relationship). When it comes to the sequel, Victoria says that she would love to see Eddie and the symbiote continue to figure out their relationship.

“Sad, Eddie?” asks the Symbiote. “No, my love. No.” he replies, looking very sad in a church pew in Venom #150, Marvel Comics (2017).

Image: Mike Costa, Tradd Moore/Marvel Comics

“Since the first movie was about them becoming Venom, I think it would be neat if a theme of this movie were them figuring out how to maintain Venom,” she said.

Historically, the ship has been massively popular on Tumblr. There is certainly an existing fandom from comic book readers, but the 2018 motion picture really pushed the pairing into the mainstream. The movie came out in late 2018, however still managed to be the number three movie on Tumblr’s Year in Review, with the Symbrock pairing cracking number 14 on the ship list. For context, the data for Year in Review is tabulated in November, which means enough people were posting about Venom and Symbrock in just a month for it to make those lists.

The passion that internet fandom has for the things they love means that big fans often go deep with their dissection and analysis. It makes sense, states Holderness, that those so plugged into the stories they love would be able to predict where they go next.

“They go deep into the things that they recognize the tropes. They recognize the pacing of narratives,” she states. “There’s so many writers on Tumblr. There’s so many people who are creating their own stories and structuring their own stories or comics or whatnot in different ways. A lot of people have that kind of natural creativity to be able to recognize patterns, and to kind of predict different things that they can see in these entertainment properties”

Whether or not Sony was inspired by this specific post has actually yet to be answered. Either way, Victoria is thrilled about the new motion picture — as well as the idea that someone involved with the motion picture might’ve seen her post.

“It would be hilarious if someone from Sony saw my post, before or after the fact,” she states.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage comes out on Sept. 24.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.