Vanessa Bayer and her brother Jonah dig up childhood gems on “How Did We Get Weird” podcast

Whenever they spoke, they would begin thinking back about their youth, particularly toys, food and other fond memories that have actually in some way vanished. (Believe Trash Pail Children.) Ultimately, they chose to begin a podcast about it, where they welcome visitors on to dredge up their own youth fixations.

They entitled it “How Did We Get Weird?” and got Will Ferrell and iHeartMedia’s Huge Cash Gamers network to produce it. CNN talked to the previous “Saturday Night Live” castmember about the podcast and how all of it came together.

“My brother and I, we really were very close and we love hanging out together and spending time together and working together as well,” Bayer states. “When we were thinking about the topic, you know, what we wanted to talk about, obviously we have nostalgic memories of hanging out together, but also we’re both sort of very into texting or calling the other and saying, ‘Do you remember this thing from our childhood or that thing from our childhood?'”

Bayer states products ended up being incredibly particular, like a specific book or toy that was no longer readily available.

“We were doing all this research and researching all these insane things from our childhood,” she chuckles.

Vanessa Bayer's new podcast "How Did We Get Weird?"

What she discovered in her research study is that there is an universe of online petitions individuals have actually produced to attempt to get their preferred stopped treat or toy back into production.

“There are so many, petitions on snacks,” Bayer states, “If there’s any snack that you like, and it has been discontinued, for most of them there’s a petition to bring them back. The level of passion people have about snacks disappearing and them wanting them back is really unbelievable. They did bring back Dunkaroos and I think people are really thrilled about that.”

“SNL” star Beck Bennett was a current visitor on the podcast, and he shared his issue that Lean Pockets had actually been stopped.

Beyond grieving pizza Lean Pockets, Bayer and her bro likewise cover mixtapes, “Jumanji” and early Tom Cruise in their conversations.

A brand-new episode releases every week with a broad variety of stars and comics on as visitors.

“How Did We Get Weird” can be discovered on iHeart radio or any podcast streaming service.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.