Valve shows you how to mod a Steam Deck — and why you shouldn’t

It’s not every day that a business publishes a video tutorial on how to change its hardware. Nevertheless, Valve went somewhat versus the grain on Wednesday when it released a video teardown of the Steam Deck on YouTube. The video provided an ideal how-to guide for modding your Steam Deck hardware, after it releases in December. It likewise provided Valve the chance to send this PSA: Don’t customize the console, due to the fact that you’ll likely destroy it.

In the video, a Valve agent provides in-depth step-by-step directions for changing the thumbsticks and the solid-state hard disk. The video assists clarify what will and won’t be possible with the console once it goes for completion of the year. Due to the fact that Valve’s brand-new hand-held system looks like a video gaming PC in some methods, some clients had actually questioned its specifications and if they might actively switch parts out.

According to this video, that’s not suggested. As the storyteller put it: “In one way, this is a how-to-video. In another way, it’s a ‘why you really shouldn’t do this’ video.”

Valve doesn’t advise users open their Steam Decks due to the fact that the portable isn’t created for the parts to be changed out. According to the video, opening the case might trigger severe damage — in many cases, you might be setting the console approximately ignite later on. The video states, rather candidly, that folks ought to leave this work to experts unless somebody is prepared to take “big risks” with their home — and their “life,” when it comes to harming the battery.

While the video definitely does demonstrate how one would change the SSD and thumbsticks, it likewise notes whatever that might fail throughout the procedure. The structural stability of the deck might be affected, fixed electrical power might fry the parts, a store-bought SSD might eliminate other parts, and so on.

It makes good sense that some clients may have thought about purchasing an SSD. The most affordable ($399) Steam Deck just comes with 64 GB of flash memory. That triggered a great deal of issue, due to the fact that a few of the video games displayed in the console’s marketing video, like Control, are 42 GB or bigger. Switching the SSD, while technically possible, won’t be an easy procedure. In the video, Valve recommends utilizing the micro-SD slot to broaden storage.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.