Valorant’s new cinematic is a warm up against a murderous robot

Valorant has an unexpected quantity of tradition loaded behind the scenes for a video game that’s mainly about shooting weapons and pacifying bombs. Similar to Overwatch, Pinnacle Legends, or Rainbow 6 Siege, the characters each have distinct capabilities and backstories. In Valorant, they’re all representatives working for an intelligence firm examining the development of a mirror universe. This brand-new cinematic, made in partnership with Blur Studio, reveals what a day in their life appears like.

While much of the Valorant cinematics concentrate on the representatives fighting and trying to murder one another, this one is far more cooperative. A lot of the representatives are training when they recognize the existing practice variety isn’t up to par. So, representatives Take down and Killjoy turn a charming R2-D2-style bot into a murder device that is a little too hard.

This is a fantastic cinematic partly since it’s so low stakes. There are lots of adorable little character interactions throughout the story, like KAY/0 and Phoenix bantering, or Jett and Yoru preserving a wagering streak. The representatives just handle to beat Max Bot through collaborating, and after that they all go out to go on an objective. Sure, it’s a little ridiculous and easy going, however it’s likewise a fantastic intro to these characters. I’m more thinking about determining what’s going on with the rest of Valorant’s story.

Riot Games will likewise launch Neon, an electricity-based representative who can run and move throughout the map, as part of Valorant’s Episode 4 Act 1 upgrade later on today.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.