Valorant’s new Agent, Neon, is an electricity-fueled speed demon

Riot Games has actually exposed Valorant’s most recent Representative, Neon, in a electric brand-new cinematic. The video brief display the character and her powers, and it exposes that she’ll get here in the video game with its next upgrade.

In the trailer, we see Neon relaxing in her bed room as she evaluates intelligence details offered to her by Sage. She drops off to sleep on her bed, and in her dreams, we get a couple of terrific take a look at her gameplay and capabilities as she visualizes taking control of Valorant matches with her speed and electrical power powers.

Based upon her dreams, it appears that Neon will have the capability to sprint and slide, however she can’t shoot her weapon while she does either. Another among her capabilities appears to produce 2 walls of electrical power that appear comparable to Phoenix’s fire walls. Another appears to bounce off of a wall prior to developing some sort of ground impact, however it’s not truly clear what it does. Lastly, the capability that appears like her Ultimate appears to be a strong beam of electrical power that Neon can fire at opponents.

Obviously, while the trailer provides us a couple of terrific tips, we won’t understand the specifics of Neon’s capabilities or precisely what they do up until Riot formally reveals those information at some point prior to her release.

Valorant’s newest upgrade will be Episode 4: Disturbance, and it’s set to get here at some point next week, along with an entire brand-new fight pass.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.