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UW Health says most RSV cases do not need testing

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – UW Health officials say most children showing symptoms of respiratory syncytial virus do not need to get tested.

RSV is on the rise in Wis. and across the country, however, according to UW Health there’s no cause for concern in most cases. RSV symptoms are comparable to influenza and other viruses and symptom management does not change with a diagnosis of RSV.

While children are not able to attend school if they have a fever, they typically recover well at home.

“For most children RSV is a bad cold and they get over it on their own and the virus goes away,” Dr. Gregory Demuri, Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician, said.

Parents should seek immediate medical attention if their child is struggling to breathe. Otherwise, questions about RSV should be directed to your primary care doctor.

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