Using Music Promotion To Boost Your Music Sales

Well, meet the foundations of great pro Spotify promotion; targeted traffic, huge traffic, and customisable streams: the best of the paid-promotion-sites. In particular: free personalized stream submissions, large streams, customized playlists, and super-fans.

The first secret is a combination of targeted (not just music promotion, but music itself!) promotion, with the right tools and systems. And this, for good reason, requires an understanding of your target audience. Are they young? Old?

Are they tech savvy? If so, you’d need to offer an interactive tool to help them create or edit their own streams, which in turn could be sent via SMS (text messaging) to their mobile phones. This will not only generate traffic from the target audience, but from people who want to sign up to your newsletter – as it has to be kept updated with all the latest music releases and news. These are not the old-school ways of sending newsletters to your list of subscribers.

If the music industry is anything to go by, these days, the music market is evolving quickly – and it’s only going to keep growing faster. In fact, one of the biggest threats to traditional music sales is directly tied to this process – which is the ever-increasing number of music fans, and their growing numbers of potential customers, who don’t have access to the traditional media.

This means that you need to give them something of value – something tangible that you can send to their phone, rather than merely providing them with the music. A few years ago, I heard a band say that they would never play in a pub because no-one wanted to pay for their music. It’s a valid point.

There’s a lot more to streaming music than just playing songs on your computer, though. You need to get creative and personal with the content you upload. For example, if you’re a music producer with a blog of your own, you could post a new song every week, or a fortnight, with an exclusive track attached, which could then be sent out as a free download to all the fans you can find on your database.

Or you could have a special video of your latest masterpiece, which could be downloaded to watch online (if you’re lucky). This is one of the most innovative ways of promoting and spreading the word around about your music. Even if your track is not available for free, you can still make use of this unique marketing method to “promote” yourself and your music and put you in touch with all your fans.

So don’t worry about spending money, or compromising quality just to achieve your goal of gaining a few downloads. Get creative and targeted. With a little help, you can be the next “in” in the world of music promotion.

Promotional gifts, especially those that promote your brand name or brand image, are one of the best ways to boost sales. They also allow you to get creative with the way you present your music on the web – something that will give your fans a reason to listen to you over another artist or label, and give your tracks-extra exposure.

But how do you select the right promotional gifts? In my opinion, there are two main categories to look for – things that will improve your chance of success and those that will encourage fans to spend money. The former are the most important.

High quality promotional items, like a signed copy of your next album, a unique printed T-shirt, or a unique CD, or even a customized USB stick that includes a free download will give your fans something to talk about when they’re done. These are items that will encourage them to spend money – and not just buy your music.

And, unlike many other effective methods of promotion, these products are free. They aren’t cheap, but they are also very affordable and don’t cost much more than a few dollars. If you want to get a complete Spotify music promotion campaign then you should use Add Marketing.