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USAA Car Insurance

USAA car insurance has an excellent reputation among drivers. Customers have praised their service and competitive rates. They also offer discounts, ride-share coverage, and replacement assistance, which can make you whole financially in the event of a car accident. If you have a USAA membership, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits and discounts, including the ability to drive as little as five miles a day. Read on to find out more.


There are some good and bad points about USAA car insurance rating. Despite its high customer satisfaction rating, the company has had a relatively low number of complaints. While its loss ratio is higher than many top car insurance companies, this is due to its low operating costs. Similarly, most of USAA’s customers rate the company’s claims process as positive. A recent study by J.D. Power found that the company received a score of 909 out of 1,000. This score contradicts the NAIC’s complaint index, which is at a relatively low 1.90.

While USAA may be known for its high customer service, you may want to read the fine print before deciding to purchase their policy. Their website is user-friendly and has a search tool so you can easily locate the information you need. In addition to car insurance, USAA also offers homeowner’s insurance, which can help protect your home against many different types of losses. The cost of this coverage varies depending on what you want covered, the deductible, and the age of your home.

When determining the amount you need to pay to protect your vehicle, USAA takes into account how much you spend on insurance each month. The amount of money you pay to maintain your coverage is referred to as the “loss ratio.” If the loss ratio is low, the insurance company has more money available to make payouts. And, if you’re a veteran, you’ll get a lower premium than a civilian.


Cost of USAA car insurance can vary. However, the company offers a number of benefits, including roadside assistance and accident forgiveness. Among these benefits, extra passenger protection covers medical expenses and non-medical expenses that result from an accident. For example, the service reimburses you for lost wages, child care, and funeral expenses. The company also offers specialty car insurance. This coverage can help you avoid unexpected expenses, like the cost of a stranded vehicle.

One way to reduce the cost of USAA car insurance is to qualify for discounts. Many discounts are offered by the company, including a 60 percent discount for storing the insured car on a military base. Another popular discount is a three-percent reduction in the auto insurance premium if you set up automatic payments. These discounts can significantly reduce the price of your USAA car insurance policy. However, it is important to note that not all USAA car insurance plans offer the same discounts.

If you are a good driver, USAA offers lower rates than other companies. It also offers discounts for young drivers, senior citizens, and students. Some discounts may require eligibility. Other USAA car insurance discounts include safe driving, multi-vehicle policies, and policies that are passed down from previous owners. These discounts may also be available if you buy a new car or drive less than a certain amount of miles per year.


If you drive safely, you can save money on auto insurance from USAA. To qualify for a safe driving discount, you must be a “B” student and complete an approved driving course. Other discounts include new car discounts, multi-vehicle insurance, and low mileage. If you have more than one vehicle, you may qualify for the “vehicle storage” discount. If you park your car in a garage for a certain amount of time each year, you can save as much as 60 percent on your auto insurance premiums.

A vehicle storage discount of up to 60 percent is also offered to USAA members. The company knows that members of the U.S. military are frequently on deployment. By garageing their car on a military installation, deployed members can save up to fifteen percent on their comprehensive coverage. Other savings include auto insurance discounts for policyholders who choose to set up automatic payments for their premiums. These discounts can add up quickly, so make sure you choose the right policy for your needs.

You can also get a discount for safe driving habits by enrolling in USAA’s SafePilot program. This program rewards safe driving habits with discounts as high as 30 percent. These discounts can last for decades as long as your driving record stays clean. You may qualify for a discount as high as 30% on your premiums if you use safe driving habits and drive safely. If you don’t drive much, you can also take advantage of the low mileage discount. This discount applies to drivers who do not exceed twelve thousand miles per year.

Roadside assistance

If you’re wondering whether your car insurance plan includes roadside assistance, you should contact USAA. The company’s customer service line is on the back of your car insurance card. By calling them, you can determine if the policy includes this service. If it does, you can expect to get the service as soon as an hour after you call for help. It’s important to know that this service is available in many cases, but it’s not a guarantee.

For instance, if you lock your keys inside the car, USAA’s roadside assistance program will send a locksmith to your location. While you’ll pay for the service, you can use it for one hour of mechanical labor, which will be provided by USAA’s partner. You can even get your car towed if you need it. In most cases, you’ll have to pay for gas or the service, but that’s the exception.

In case you run out of gas, or your battery runs out, call roadside assistance right away. Roadside assistance isn’t exactly the same as mechanical breakdown insurance. While it may seem similar, roadside assistance is different from mechanical breakdown insurance, which functions more like a warranty for your vehicle. You can’t really go wrong with either type of coverage, but you’ll be glad you have it.

Adding a teen driver

Adding a teen driver to your USAA car insurance policy will increase your premiums by $1,746 a year, which is still lower than many competitors. However, you should ask your insurer about any teen-related discounts, as this may offset some of the increased premiums. Generally, young drivers who have their own policies pay higher rates than more experienced drivers. Fortunately, USAA offers several discounts for teens.

While adding a teen driver will increase your premium, you can benefit from discounts for getting their license. The best way to save on car insurance is to shop around for a policy that will be flexible enough to fit their needs. You may be able to find a better rate by securing their driver’s license and driving history before the teen starts driving. By reading up on different companies and comparing their rates, you can decide which insurers will give you the best deal.

If you are thinking of adding a teen driver to your USAA car insurance, you’ve probably been paying higher rates than you need to. The best way to keep your rates down is to get as many quotes as possible. Many insurance carriers price their coverage differently, so it is crucial to compare car insurance quotes to get the lowest possible premiums. Besides, getting multiple quotes allows you to save hundreds of dollars.

Customer service

If you have any questions about USAA car insurance, you can contact their customer service department via email, social media, or phone. A virtual assistant can answer your questions and direct your call to a live person if necessary. If you prefer to speak with a human, the call center offers a phone number and a live chat feature. For any other questions, you can email USAA directly. Here are some tips for USAA customer service representatives.

– Look at the complaint index. USAA has a lower complaint index than many competitors. That means that most consumers have a positive experience with the company. Also, the company is reported to have fewer customer complaints than the industry average. That’s good news for those who need assistance. USAA has ranked highly in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the BBB and NAIC. Their complaint index is 0.98, which means that most customers are satisfied with their claims experience.

– Check out USAA’s customer reviews. USAA consistently earns high customer satisfaction scores. The company was ranked second in customer satisfaction among large insurers in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study. Its online reviews include both positive and negative customer feedback. The majority of reviews mention the speed of claims and reliable agents. If you’re considering buying car insurance through USAA, take a look at its customer reviews.