Upcoming horror game Forewarned looks like Phasmophobia in tombs

Egyptian co-op scary video game Forewarned was revealed on Thursday, and is prepared for Steam in early gain access to for both Windows PC and virtual truth. In Forewarned, the gamers are archeologists who are diving into the tomes of the Mejai in a look for lost artifacts.

Gamers of Phasmophobia, the ghost-hunting video game popular on Twitch, will instantly see some resemblances in Forewarned, as both video games have a team of specialists examining a procedurally-generated environment searching for responses while being hunted by frightening, homicidal beasts.

The important things that makes Forewarned various (and rather fascinating) is that while the video game is mainly cooperative, there’s a bit of space for betrayal. In Phasmophobia, gamers frequently troll each other, particularly if they pass away and end up being a ghost. A ghost may follow their previous colleagues around and toss things in an effort to frighten them. Forewarned takes this an action even more.

When gamers pass away, they will be provided another opportunity to assist as a mummified servant of the Mejai. From there, they can assist their staying colleagues by safeguarding them from the larger, meaner mummies or lead them towards treasure. Or, they can choose to go complete Joker mode and betray their colleagues.

Dead gamers are still incentivized to assist their good friends, as the team can offer their treasure to purchase effective tools or update their packages for future dungeon dives. Designer Dreambyte Games will expose more information on upcoming functions and development as the video game gets closer to its release date.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.