Undungeon Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Undungeon is an action role-playing experience that restores the spirit of old school action/RPGs covered in contemporary style. Bring back the order in all measurements, impact and figure out the fate of the worlds, develop and choose what will take place in the brand-new Multiverse.

Vibrant pixel art visual appeals: each tree, bush or rock is hand-drawn, each opponent has lots of thoroughly crafted animation frames to develop a one-of-a-kind visual experience;

Mind-bending sci-fi story: A number of multidimensional variations of Earth were unexpectedly combined together, shattering one another in a catastrophic occasion referred to as the Great Shift. This occasion harmed the material of time and area itself, relatively beyond restoration.
You, a Herald, will sign up with a secret interdimensional company — Herald’s Undercover Bay, or just H.U.B., developed by Dharma to fix the after-effects of the disaster;

Heated real-time fights: manage a Herald — almighty hero developed by God. Integrate his effective melee and varied attacks to overcome your opponents. Recover thoroughly so that enemies don’t take your treatment, usage motion, numerous enthusiasts, and debuffs to acquire the benefit and beat your competitors;

Personalized hero: implant various organs into the body of your Herald to obtain distinct battle enhancers and passive capabilities. Collect and gear up nodes and runes to make your Herald godlike. Express yourself, develop a develop that fits your playstyle completely, be it buddies, throwable weapons, crucial or DoT damage and a lot more;

Crafting system: deep crafting systems that permit you to take apart raw materials and develop from gotten resources distinct organs, weapons, equipment and consumables that will assist you to specify your distinct playthrough;

Large open world: check out far-off lands beyond belief and satisfy their unique residents — merchants and outlaws setting about their lives no matter where you go. You can trade with residents, hire them to assist you in fights, or perhaps damage their camps. In between objectives, you can recuperate, get ready and rest in H.U.B. — a base situated in a neutral area area in between measurements;

NPC interaction system: choices you make as a Herald will impact the fates of the characters you satisfy, in addition to entire measurements.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.