Underdog Jamel Herring has value vs. Shakur Stevenson

In Shakur Stevenson’s last 5 battles, he battled 43 rounds. 2 of those rounds ended short, when he knocked out Felix Carballo in the 6th round and Alberto Guevara in the 3rd. However the others went to the scorecards and it provides an exceptional story.

There were 41 scored rounds, and he won 40 of them on all 3 judges’ cards. Joet Gonzalez won among the 12 rounds he battled versus Stevenson. Besides that, Stevenson not just won each of those battles, he won every round in them.

That most likely describes why the unbeaten Stevenson, a 2016 Olympic silver medalist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a significant -900 preferred at BetMGM over WBO champ Jamel Herring in their bout Saturday in Atlanta for Herring’s very featherweight belt.

Herring is a +600 underdog.

Whatever appears to prefer Stevenson, and in a huge method. He’s 24 years of ages to Herring’s 35. He’s got the sort of skill to one day be the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter worldwide. He’s the quicker fighter and the more physically talented professional athlete.

Yet, that +600 with Herring looks oh so appealing.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Jamel Herring (L) and Shakur Stevenson (R) face-off during their press conference for the WBO super featherweight championship at Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center on September 09, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kyle Hess/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

(L-R) Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson face-off throughout a Sept. 9 press conference ahead of their WBO very featherweight title bout on Saturday in Atlanta. (Picture by Kyle Hess/Top Rank Inc by means of Getty Images)

This is among those cases where it might be best to lay off if you believe Stevenson will win, as I do, since the number is so expensive. Running the risk of $900 to make a $100 earnings isn’t a course to success in sports wagering or, for that matter, in organization.

The important things that is frightening about laying that sort of cash on Stevenson is that Herring is without a doubt the very best challenger he’s dealt with and Stevenson, for all of his fascinating skill can sort of zone out long times.

A Marine and the captain of the 2012 U.S. Olympic boxing group in London, Herring is the personification of the man who ejects every last little his skill. When you battle Herring, you understand you’ll get the very best of him on that night whenever out.

If it’s Stevenson at his finest, it doesn’t matter which Herring appears, since Stevenson is that great. However Stevenson at less than his finest is where it ends up being fascinating. Tiger Woods used to say he needed to learn to win when he didn’t have either his A game or B game on the course. Maybe he had his C game that week, but he found a way to win.

If Stevenson fulfills his enormous potential, that’s what he’ll do, win on nights he’s less than his finest against elite opposition.

Herring, who is 23-2 with 11 KOs, qualifies as elite opposition. He’s coming off an impressive victory over Carl Frampton, one that sent the great former champion into retirement.

Herring is a smart boxer who has the ability to adjust, and is as physically and mentally as tough as they come.

I believe Stevenson is going to deliver a good performance, however I don’t think it a lot that I wish to back him at 9-1 chances. So while I believe Stevenson will win, I’m going to go with Herring. I’ll take the +600 and bet $100 on him, material in the understanding that Herring is going to provide me all he’s got that night.

If it’s insufficient, I accept that since Stevenson is a future super star. The only other option would be wagering either on the rounds proposal bets, which aren’t up at BetMGM yet, or pass completely.

I’m a betting guy and I enjoy that plus cash, so I’ll play Herring to win and cross my fingers.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.