UK defense documents ‘found at bus stop’

The action follows a BBC report that the documents were discovered at a bus drop in Kent, southeast England.

“The Ministry of Defence was informed last week of an incident in which sensitive defence papers were recovered by a member of the public,” the representative informed CNN in a declaration on Sunday.

“The department takes the security of information extremely seriously and an investigation has been launched. The employee concerned reported the loss at the time.”

The BBC states it was passed the files, which numbered nearly 50 pages, by the member of the general public when they understood the delicate nature of the files.
The occurrence follows a British warship — the HMS Protector — ended up being involved in a fight with Russian forces off the coast of the challenged area of Crimea on Wednesday. Russia states among its warplanes dropped bombs and a patrol boat fired cautioning shots to reverse the British destroyer it declares participated in its territorial waters in the Black Sea. The UK’s MoD rejected Moscow’s allegation, stating that the vessel was making a legal and innocent passage.

The BBC reports that the files discovered at the bus stop talk about Russia’s most likely responses to HMS Protector’s passage on Wednesday.

Inquired about the contents of the files associating with HMS Protector, the MoD representative informed CNN: “As the public would expect, the Ministry of Defence plans carefully. As a matter of routine, that includes analysing all the potential factors affecting operational decisions.

“HMS Protector performed innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with global law.”

The lost documents also allegedly discussed a possible British military presence in Afghanistan following the end of the NATO mission in that country. CNN cannot independently verify the contents of the documents. The MoD did not comment on Afghanistan when contacted by CNN.

UK Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis described the incident as a “major breach” of security, speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday.

“To a degree, procedures were followed; it was reported by the private as quickly as they knew they had actually left those files and clearly someone handed it into the BBC, however there will be a complete examination by the Ministry of Defense into how this took place,” Lewis said.

“We have actually got to guarantee when things like this take place,whether it’s human mistake or otherwise, that it can’t take place once again.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.