Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Update your variation of 2 Point Healthcare Facility to the JUMBO Edition and bag yourself loads of brand-new 2 Point Health center goodness!

For the very first time on console, wade into a big choice of fan-favourite 2 Point Health center material in the JUMBO Edition Upgrade and extend your experience to brand-new locations of 2 Point County.
Along with brand-new healthcare facilities, you’ll deal with entire brand-new diseases (each more absurd than the last!), and of course, the unusual cure machines to match – as well as a selection of brand-new gameplay challenges along the way.

Included in the JUMBO Edition Upgrade:

– Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters DLC
Take on the mysteries of the towns surrounding Chasm 24, a secret military base that some suspect may be more than meets the eye! Includes 3 new healthcare facilities, 11 new visual illnesses (34 new illnesses in total), new gameplay, new music, new DJ/tannoy lines and a entire bunch of brand-new placeable items.

– Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid DLC
Go into the wild! Tabitha Windsock, Two Point County’s ever-present mayor, has put rivers and forests back on the map. She’s got morals, integrity and, above all else, a cloying desperation to stay in office. Adds another 3 hospitals, 35 new diseases, and bags of new items as well as new music, DJ lines and tannoy announcer lines.

– The Retro Items Pack
Turn back the clock with this delightful collection of 26 new retro and vintage items to place in your hospitals (the more flamboyant sitters will find themselves at home with the Peacock Chair!)

– The Exhibition Items Pack
30 new items to place in your hospital ranging from the sublime to the absurd. Or, actually, on closer inspection, the ridiculous to the ridiculous. From placeable wall art to entire fossilised dinosaurs, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

2 Point Healthcare Facility: JUMBO Edition Upgrade – More healthcare facilities, more treatments, more enjoyable!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.