Two Point Campus takes the Two Point Hospital formula to school

2 Point School’ training premises look more like its preparing trainees for Middle ages Times, instead of a profession in the “real world.” That’s because 2 Point School is not your common college experience; on this school, gamers can register in “Knight School” — where they teach jousting — or make degrees in Gastronomy, cooking pizzas the size of Buicks.

Your trainees won’t find out mathematics or language abilities. However who requires that when you’ve got armor and a sword?

Developer Two Point Studios officially revealed its next game, Two Point Campus, a follow-up to the studio’s first equally wacky game, Two Point Hospital, on Thursday. Published by Sega, Two Point Campus will be a comedic college sim. Today, they’re offering new details.

Players will create a university filled with students and heavily customize it, using extensive tools to build out the campus of their dreams. Players can tweak everything down to the building exteriors, walkways, and trees, said studio director Gary Carr and brand director Craig Laycock during a preview of Two Point Campus last week. It’s exactly what Two Point Hospital players have been begging the developer for.

“We have this curated sandbox approach where we give players the objectives they need to finish a level, but we don’t tell them how to do it — we don’t force them to do it in a singular way,” Laycock said. “We just let them get comfortable with the surroundings and then take on as much as they like to get to that point.”

Two Point Studios is changing how players relate to the people that inhabit their chaotic little worlds. In Two Point Hospital, players couldn’t necessarily “connect” with the hospital patients they were caring for — they moved in and out of the system too fast. But in Two Point Campus, students stay in the school system for longer periods of time. Players will spend more time catering the school to specific character requires — people who will graduate and move through the school system. In practice, that means choosing to offer certain courses, like the aforementioned Knight School and Gastronomy classes — 2 Point says more courses will be announced in the future — based on your students personality traits. Of course, you can forgo all that and make life a nightmare for your students. That’s cool, too.

2 Point Studios said the systems go surprisingly deep.

“We love making these games that have this veneer on top, like you peel back the onion layers and there’s more and more depth,” developers said.

Two Point School is anticipated to be out at some point in 2022.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.