Two Point Campus coming from Two Point Hospital creator

2 Point School is the next video game from 2 Point Medical Facility developer 2 Point, the business revealed throughout Geoff Keighley’s Summertime Video game Fest.

The trailer reveals an entire lot of turmoil on a college school, with courses like Knight School and Gastronomy courses — where you can discover to joust and prepare massive food, respectively.

“We hope that the incredible Two Point community will love all the new creative freedom that Two Point Campus will bring and that new players will be intrigued by its setting and the quirky world we’re trying to build, packed with our trademark humor and charm”, stated Gary Carr, co-founder and innovative director at 2 Point Studios, in a press release.

The statement might not be coming as much of a surprise, nevertheless: The Microsoft Shop dripped 2 Point School in late March.

Prior To 2 Point School, designer 2 Point developed 2 Point Medical Facility, a likewise crazy management video game — albeit embeded in a health center and not a college.

2 Point School is slated for a 2022 release date.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.