‘Turner & Hooch’ review: Disney+ goes to the dogs with a pointless revival starring Josh Peck

Creating a loose connection to the 1989 motion picture, the series concentrates on Scott Turner (“Drake & Josh’s” Josh Peck), a San Francisco-based United States Marshal who occurs to be the child of the character that Tom Hanks played. However father, in what total up to a narratively practical disappointment, just recently passed away, leaving a large rowdy dog for Scott to take in who is “almost like the original Hooch came back.”

Scott, naturally, does not desire the furry beast damaging his house, so the program duplicates the very same beats as the motion picture. That also includes Scott meeting a new potential love interest, Erica (“Glee’s” Vanessa Lengies), who trains police dogs and is instantly smitten by him, although he’s painfully slow to pick up on those cues.

Developed by “Burn Notice” producer Matt Nix working with action director McG, “Turner & Hooch” comes with a fairly prestigious pedigree for such an effort but does not manage to do anything really distinctive in the three previewed episodes. In fact, they’re pretty much all over the place, including an incongruous “Die Hard” homage, and a semi-serialized mystery that’s slow to take shape.

While designed to be somewhat family friendly, the tone proves uneven. Part of that might stem from the thinness of the source material, since the original has its moments but was hardly a classic, so nobody was really howling for this.

Peck is charming enough, but at a certain point watching the lovable French mastiff mess things up or steal a bunch of donuts (being around cops has its advantages on the latter score) can’t help but yield diminishing returns, making this feel like a TV series plucked from the days before everyone had cable, much less streaming.

At best, the series adds to a long legacy of marvelous motion picture/TV pooches (the Disney+ motion pictures “Togo” and “Lady and the Tramp” amongst them) who do not simply hear “Blah blah blah” when individuals bark orders at them. However even if Booze sits at attention like an excellent canine, after a couple of episodes of “Turner & Hooch,” it’s tough to share that perseverance or commitment.

“Turner & Hooch” premieres July 21 on Disney+.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.