Tucker Carlson Reignites Conspiracy Theory That George Floyd Died of a Drug Overdose

There was a reason that George Floyd’s death ended up being a transformative minute in American history. The video of the killing left no uncertainty about how he passed away.

The trial of the policeman associated with the event is looming. And now a light has actually once again be shined on the event. Not remarkably, Fox News is trying to smear Floyd and blame him for his death. Tucker Carlson took that add Wednesday night when he blamed the guy for his own death.

The Fox host started, “According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, George Floyd wasn’t simply high, he had a lethal amount of fentanyl in his system. He also had methamphetamines.”

Carlson continued, “ Well, Mr. Floyd was having trouble breathing, of course, the most noted part of the tape. What explains that? Why was George Floyd telling officers, ‘I can’t breathe?’”

The Conservative expert closed, “Well, here’s one possible explanation. One of the primary symptoms of fentanyl overdose is quote ‘slowed or stopped breathing, leading to unconsciousness and death.’ That might also explain why George Floyd was saying ‘I can’t breathe’ long before any police officer’s knee was anywhere near him. In fact, George Floyd was complaining that he couldn’t breathe as cops tried to get him in a police car as he resisted.”

See a clip of the sector listed below, thanks to the Fox News network:

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.