Trump’s Fascist Cabal Are Targeting Liz Cheney Because She is an American Patriot

It is due time to call out Republicans faithful to a lunatic fascist for their anti- and un-American actions that no longer verge on fascism since they have, as a motion, crossed that line.

Whether one likes Liz Cheney’s conservative bona fides or not, her fealty to American democracy cannot be questioned.

For the record, this author is no fan of Ms. Cheney’s conservative politics, however she is most likely that last conservative dedicated to American democracy. That truth alone is what has the near-entirety of the GOP out to purge her from Trump’s fascist motion – what utilized to be the Republican politician Celebration.

It is particular that all the Republicans in Congress and the states understand complete well that Trump lost the 2020 election that Trump’s Department of Justice and National Security companies validated was the most safe and secure in American history. A truth that lots of Republican guvs and Secretaries of State concurred with in accrediting the outcomes for President Joseph Biden’s success.

Nevertheless, due to their cowardice and worry of Trump and his delusional know-nothings, fascist Republican politicians are operating in show to commit what has actually ended up being referred to as “the big lie.”

Naturally the BIG LIE is that the 2020 election was deceitful and taken from Trump since Democrats, China, Black Lives Matter, Americans versus fascism and most likely Satan the Devil conspired to damage America by rejecting a fascist autocrat a 2nd term to end up annihilating America’s vulnerable democracy.

Agent Liz Cheney is not amongst the Republican fascists committing the huge lie and the Republican neo-fascists are assaulting her for accepting the well-documented truth, and reality, over Trump’s BIG LIE.

It is apparent to this author that Ms. Cheney comprehends history and most likely understands that the Trump Republican politician machinations and propaganda are precisely what raised the Nazi Adolf Hitler to power in 1930’s Germany.  It was Adolf Hitler’s Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels who stated “that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth.” Trump and Republicans have actually duplicated the BIG LIE typically enough that it is reality to countless Trump’s oblivious base.

Despite the fact that a bulk of Americans are not purchasing into the Trump fascist BIG LIE that he won the 2020 election in a landslide, or that there was huge scams and rigging denying him of a 2nd term, Trump’s hate-driven acolytes will never ever think the election was “the most secure in American history” or that President Joe Biden won. Liz Cheney not just understands the BIG LIE is exactllly that, she is the only Republican politician calling the BIG LIE what it truly is – a huge lie.

If anybody doubts Ms. Cheney’s commitment to democracy and America, it was reported on Thursday that “Rep. Liz Cheney secretly masterminded an extraordinary Washington Post op-ed authored by top military leaders, just three days before the Capitol riot.”

The “extraordinary” op-ed was a response to talk amongst Trump fascists that the American armed force ought to be set in motion to “oversee” a brand-new election that states Trump the victor. The discovery that Ms. Cheney was the mastermind behind the op-ed likely sealed her fate as a personality non grata in the fascist Republican motion.

She was currently being demonized by Trump’s fascist facilitators in the GOP for not supporting the BIG LIE, and in fact calling it out as a larger lie. However reporting that she was the perpetrator behind a “stark warning from 10 Defense Secretaries from both parties” in the Washington Post will be fulfilled with Trump’s complete rage. And if Trump is dissatisfied, his fascist enthusiasts in the Republican motion will make Ms. Cheney pay a lot with her political life.

As lots of analysts have actually alerted, not just is Trump and his fascist Republican acolytes still weakening America as a democratic republic, together they are setting the phase for an honest-to-dog disobedience that will make his January 6th fatal coup d’état effort appear like a church ice-cream social. For pet dog’s sake, Republicans are still playing off Trump’s insurrection and attack on the United States Capitol as simply lot of innocent Americans exercising their Very first Change right to peaceably put together to air their complaints.

As kept in mind by William Saletan composing for Slate:

Trump chooses language that’s particularly likely to incite rebellion and destabilize the government.A month after leaving office, he told the Conservative Political Action Conference that President Joe Biden was never truly elected. Three weeks later he declared that “we had an Illegitimate Election.” On April 12, he composed that the U.S. federal government remained in the grip of ‘an unconstitutionally elected group of Radical Left Democrats who are destroying our Country.’” 

Republicans understand this is part and parcel of the BIG LIE, and they are completely conscious that Trump’s insurrectionist enthusiasts are panting to take extreme military action to restore their demigod to power. Nevertheless, just one Republican politician, Agent Liz Cheney, as real a dyed-in -the-wool conservative as there remains in America, is defending the reality and versus Trump’s fascist BIG LIE.

Regretfully, Trump’s fascist facilitators in the GOP are going to make her pay with her political life for being an American patriot.


Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.