Treasures Of The Aegean Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

What took place to the Minoan civilization? Sign up with parkour master Marie Taylor and treasure hunter James Andrew in a historic action thriller, as they reveal the tricks of a forgotten kingdom which has actually been unfortunately caught in and limitless time loop. Check out a perfectly hand-drawn non-lineal open world, recuperate important antiques, chart a lost island, and collect brand-new hints in every loop to finish an ancient prediction. Resolve the riddles and secrets that outraged the old Gods, on your mission to avoid history from duplicating itself permanently.

Tricks of the Minoan Calamity. In 1639 BC an effective surge ravaged the Minoan civilization and sunk the birth place of their empire: the volcanic island of Thera. History appears to duplicate itself, as the island has actually resurfaced, and a brand-new catastrophe is bound to take place. Why were the Minoan so advanced to their time? Did King Minos predict their death? Can a brand-new eruption of Thera be stopped? There’s just one method to discover!

A sunken island caught in time. Concealed in the depths for a number of centuries, the island of Thera has plenty of historic treasures to gather and secrets to figure out. Discover a lost Minoan castle, open your method through an ottoman sunken fleet and unlock the doors to underground palace, as you discover the information about the folk who lived there and their awful fate. Make use of a problem in time to protect details on a consistent map and fix crucial puzzles prior to the world blows up and the loop reboots!

Timing, accuracy and puzzle-solving. Buckle up for an action-packed experience, as you parkour your method through a rough surface filled with obstacles: browse high slopes, climb high walls, vault over barriers, swing on vines and dive over deep pits to check out a hand drawn open world. Every corner of the island conceals an artifact, an idea or a piece of the puzzle that requires to be fixed to conserve the world from catastrophe.

You are not alone on the island… Marie Taylor is the hero of the story, a dazzling treasure hunter who works with her partner, historian James Andrew, looking for ancient antiques. However this time they’ll discover they’re not the only ones familiar with the Minoan scoop, as long time competitors appear on scene to revive ghosts from the past and make complex matters even more.

• Time loop experience
• Climatic soundtrack
• Numerous treasures to find
• European comics art design
• Puzzle fixing
• Parkour gameplay
• Historical thriller story

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