Trailer for Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness unites Leon and Claire

Zombies have actually taken control of the White Home and it’s up to Leon S. Kennedy to conserve the day in the brand-new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series, Local Evil: Infinite Darkness. The brand-new trailer premiered throughout the Local Evil Display on Thursday, where Capcom exposed what’s next for the franchise.

The brand-new Unlimited Darkness trailer ought to look familiar if you’ve seen a few of the series’ earlier teasers. While previous teasers had Claire exploring what appeared like a haunted home, in the brand-new trailer she’s in the White Home with Leon and the 2 assistance President Graham escape.

Unlimited Darkness occurs 2 years after the occasions of Local Evil 4, when Leon was sent out by President Graham to conserve his child, Ashley. Leon is welcomed to the White Home to examine who might have gotten their hands on governmental files, when all of a sudden the lights head out and a crowd of zombies appears. While doing an examination of her own, Claire goes to the White Home, where the 2 find that there might be a link in between their 2 secrets.

Here’s Netflix’s main run-through of the series:

In 2006, there were traces of incorrect access to secret Governmental files discovered in the White Home’s computer system network. American federal representative Leon S. Kennedy is amongst the group welcomed to the White Home to examine this event, however when the lights all of a sudden head out, Leon and the SWAT group are required to remove a crowd of strange zombies. On the other hand, TerraSave employee Claire Redfield comes across a strange image drawn by a young kid in a nation she went to, while offering assistance to refugees. Haunted by this drawing, which appears to be of a victim of viral infection, Claire starts her own investigation. The next morning, Claire visits the White House to request the construction of a welfare facility. There, she has a chance reunion with Leon and uses the opportunity to show him the kid’s illustration. Leon seems to realize some sort of connection between the zombie outbreak at the White Home and the strange illustration, however he informs Claire that there is no relation and leaves. In time, these 2 zombie break outs in far-off nations result in occasions that shake the country to its extremely core.

Eiichiro Hasumi, who has actually worked specifically with live-action filmmaking, is directing Local Evil: Infinite Darkness. Veteran author Yugo Kanno (JoJo’s Strange Experience, Batman Ninja) will offer ball game.

Local Evil: Infinite Darkness is set to debut in July 2021, however there’s more Local Evil on the horizon too. During the Local Evil Showcase, Capcom also announced that filming has been completed for the Local Evil live-action movie, which is titled Local Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and will be released on Nov. 24. On top of that, there’s Local Evil Town, the most recent video game in the series which is set to come out on May 7.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.