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Touch of Malice in Destiny 2 | How to Get Touch of Malice & All New Changes

The King has returned, and so, too, is the weapon that houses his very life force.

Touch of Malice is back alongside the King’s Fall raid in Destiny 2. The raid that originally launched in Destiny 1 in 2015 has been reworked and remastered for a whole new generation of Guardians.

If you’re willing to enter Oryx’s Dreadnaught ship and take him down, you can be rewarded with one of the coolest and most unique exotics ever seen in the series. Not only that, but the gun has been remastered as well, so it has become a must-get for Guardians.

Here’s how to get Touch of Malice in Destiny 2.

How to get Touch of Malice in Destiny 2

Screengrab via Bungie

There is only one way to receive the Touch of Malice in Destiny 2. The exotic scout only drops as a random reward from the final chest in King’s Fall. Players must defeat Oryx to have a chance at wielding the weapon that houses his essence.

King’s Fall is a challenging raid and must be done with a full team of six Guardians. But once the Taken King has been forcibly dethroned, you have a chance at obtaining one of the better exotic guns in Destiny history.

Touch of Malice changes in Destiny 2

Screengrab via Bungie

Touch of Malice was a strong weapon in Destiny 1, but Bungie has improved it in Destiny 2 to make it even more formidable.

It functions the same way it did in the original game as a full-auto scout rifle that deals more damage with its final bullet that regenerates itself, functionally giving it infinite ammo. But that final bullet also deals damage to the wielder, so it’s a gamble that every player must take. Rapidly defeating three enemies will restore health.

But thanks to Destiny 2’s Warlock healing rifts and Well of Radiance super, both of which did not exist in the original game, Touch of Malice is now even stronger than before due to more options for survivability when firing the infinite final round.

What’s new, however, is the Charged with Blight ability. Stacks of Charged with Blight, up to 10, will pile up when you hit enemies with Touch of Malice. If you hold down reload, you load a Blight shot that you can then fire at an enemy to temporarily blind them but also buff all damage done by Weapons of Sorrow. These include Touch of Malice, Thorn, and Osteo Striga.

This means that hitting an enemy with the Blight while firing Touch of Malice’s final round will deal exponentially more damage. It will become a top DPS option for certain scenarios, such as the fight against Oryx in King’s Fall.

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