Top US general in Afghanistan says ‘we should be concerned’ about Taliban

“We should be concerned. The loss of terrain and the rapidity of that loss of terrain has — has to be concerning, one, because it’s a — war is physical, but it’s also got a psychological or moral component to it. And hope actually matters. And morale actually matters,” Miller stated in an interview that aired Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “And so, as you watch the Taliban moving across the country, what you don’t want to have happen is that the people lose hope and they believe they now have a foregone conclusion presented to them.”

The United States armed force remains in its lasts of withdrawing soldiers from Afghanistan, which is anticipated to be finished quickly, bringing an end to America’s longest war. CNN reported Friday that the last United States soldiers had actually left Bagram Air Base, marking completion of the American existence at the vast substance that ended up being the center of military power in Afghanistan.

While President Joe Biden is staying unfaltering in his choice to draw down soldiers by September 11, issues are increasing about the rate of troop withdrawal, the degrading security in Afghanistan, and remaining concerns about the United States’ long-term technique.

Miller revealed his issue about the security circumstance in Afghanistan and raised the capacity of a civil war when United States soldiers are gone, as the Taliban are currently moving quickly to take control of districts in the northern parts of the nation.

“You look at the security situation, it’s not good. The Afghans recognize it’s not good. The Taliban are on the move. We’re starting to create conditions here that won’t look good for Afghanistan in the future if there’s a push for a military takeover,” he stated.

Inquired about the future security of those who supported the United States military effort in Afghanistan and will stay in the nation, Miller reacted, “I don’t like leaving friends in need. And I know that my friends are in need.”

He did not disclose what his recommendations was to Biden on the concern of whether to withdraw soldiers.

Texas congressman: ‘Biden’s going to own these awful images’

Along with military leaders, members of Congress have actually likewise raised issues about a renewal of terrorism ought to the US-backed federal government in Kabul fall right after United States soldiers leave the nation.

Rep. Michael McCaul, the leading Republican politician on the Home Foreign Affairs Committee, on Sunday cautioned that Biden will be delegated the after-effects of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“When we fully withdraw, the devastation, and the killings, and women, humanitarian crisis fleeing across border of Pakistan — President Biden’s going to own these ugly images,” the Texas Republican politician stated in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

He slammed the Biden administration for what he called a “lack of planning and preparation” in the troop withdrawal and implicated the President of playing politics with the choice to end American’s longest war.

“We can debate how long to stay there, but my criticism is the lack of planning and preparation for this. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” he stated.

He revealed issue that Afghanistan might go the method of Iraq, where terrorist extremists had the ability to get power in the nation when United States soldiers left, then requiring the United States to send out soldiers back.

“All the top experts I talk to, that’s their greatest fear — is that he may be doing this for political purposes. But at some point, our vital interests are ISIS and al Qaeda. And we are going to give them a safe haven as the Taliban takes over that nation and that vacuum is going to be filled by terrorists,” he stated. “And I’m concerned that we will be going back.”

He likewise forecasted a “major civil war” in the nation and included that he stresses over the United States embassy in Kabul.

United States Embassy in Kabul is ‘continuously preparing for contingencies’

CNN reported United States authorities are actively upgrading emergency situation evacuation prepare for the United States embassy in Kabul, as issues grow about the capacity for intensifying violence in the nation while United States soldiers near a total withdraw from the nation, according to a US authorities and another source familiar with the preparation.

The sources stated that the State Department continuously modifies emergency situation prepare for United States embassies, however the updates when it comes to the United States embassy in Kabul are more immediate and extreme offered the altering United States military posture and increased Taliban offenses in the nation.

A senior defense authorities with understanding of the preparation procedure informed CNN that the United States armed force is upgrading its contingency preparation for a variety of situations to leave the embassy, specialists and soldiers if it pertains to that, however the main pressed back versus any idea that preparation has actually sped up per se.

The United States Embassy Kabul stated Sunday in a Twitter thread that it is “aware of security challenges to operating in Afghanistan” and “will adjust our presence as necessary to address these challenges,” however that it is “constantly planning for contingencies” and “how to mitigate risks” to its individuals and programs.

The embassy included that it’s “confident that we can conduct our work in a safe manner to the benefit” of Afghanistan and the bilateral relationship,” noting that it has “strong security strategies to securely secure” its personnel and facilities.

“As President Biden and Secretary (Tony) Blinken have actually stated, while the U.S. military existence in Afghanistan is ending, the U.S. Embassy will continue our diplomatic, humanitarian, and security help programs in #Afghanistan,” it said.

On Sunday, McCaul said he has been “pleading” for the Biden administration to come up with a plan to protect the Afghan translators and interpreters who have helped US troops and may now be targeted by the Taliban. “They simply have not gotten ready for this at all,” he said.

A US official and another source familiar with the discussions told CNN this week that the Biden administration is asking countries in Central Asia to temporarily house thousands of Afghan interpreters and translators while they wait for visas to the United States.

CNN’s Kylie Atwood, Barbara Starr, Kevin Liptak, Natasha Bertrand, Jeremy Herb, Zachary Cohen and Oren Liebermann contributed to this report.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.