Top New Motorcycles Wins Best New Electric Motorcycle Dealer Award

In an effort to get more people on the road to ride electric motorcycles, Top New Motorcycles has won an award for being the best new electric motorcycle dealer in the United States. This is no small feat considering the industry is still dominated by cheap two-wheelers and pricey designer one-offs. But now, with the introduction of Top New Motorcycles, James Moore is also jumping into the electric motorcycle arena.

Top New Motorcycles was recently founded in 2019 by James Moore, who believes electric vehicles are the future and wanted to get involved. He started Top New Motorcycles and is now promoting the world’s most technologically advanced electric motorcycles.  

Even as a start up Top New Motorcycles is making waves. Within just a few months of opening its virtual doors they have made a few sales and a few fans of the site. There Facebook page is growing and customers seem to be gravitating towards the awesome customer service and great prices.

With a number of electric motorcycles available, Top New Motorcycles is the best place to buy an electric motorcycle. The company has electric motorcycles to fit every budget. For those just starting out this is a great way to learn without having to break the bank. Being able to afford an electric motorcycle for under $3,000 is a smart investment.

Top New Motorcycles is a new electric motorcycle dealer so they have to keep pricing at the forfront to compete with established dealers. Also, convincing people that electric motorcycles are the future isn’t an easy task either. However Top New Motorcycles has accepted the challenge. Only time will tell if they can continue to grow and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Currently Top New Motorcycles has over 15 electric motorcycles to choose from. They also have motorcycle gear and accessories as well. You can visit their website for more details and to browse their inventory.