Tools Up! – The Renovation Spree Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Tools Up! – The Restoration Spree Package is a set of the world’s craziest restorations! Collect a group of approximately 4 gamers, begin your experience, and reach the top of a high-rise building in requirement of some work. The owners of numerous apartment or condos have actually left their houses in your hands.
After that, relocate to a treehouse in Tools Up! Garden Celebration with brand name brand-new difficulties, tools, and video game mechanics to delight in.
The bundle consists of:
Tools Up!
Tools Up! is an interesting regional co-op video game that evaluates your restoration and team effort abilities. Paint walls, detach wallpapers, and move couches as you race versus the clock!
Tools Up! Garden Celebration Season Pass
Time to get the group back together and go on a restoration spree in this insane regional co-op! Collect a team of approximately 4 gamers and deal with brand-new difficulties in Tools Up! Garden Celebration.
Tools Up! Garden Celebration includes 3 episodes, each with 15 special levels and a requiring manager to beat. Each DLC episode will be readily available as a part of our Season Pass.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.