Tony Bennett has set a new Guinness World Record

The Grammy Acclaimed vocalist simply set a Guinness World Record for being the earliest individual to launch an album of brand-new product.

“Love for Sale,” a partnership with Girl Gaga, was launched on October 1, and at the time, Bennett was 95 years and 60 days old, according to Guinness.
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's newest collaboration

Gaga, 35, stated that regardless of their 60-year age distinction, she discovers motivation carrying out together with the senior crooner.

“I see a young boy every time I sing with him, and it just makes the experience of singing so freeing. To have it be about two souls singing together … and then at the same time, I also take in all his wisdom. The wisdom of all his years,” Gaga stated in a video launched by Interscope Records revealing the record.

The brand-new album, which commemorates the music of Cole Porter, is not their very first record together. In 2011, Bennett and Gaga taped the tune “The Lady is a Tramp,” and 3 years later on they launched a collective album entitled “Cheek to Cheek.”

Obviously, this isn’t the very first record he’s embeded in his 70-year profession. In truth, Guinness states he holds 4 others:

  • Earliest individual to reach No.1 on the United States album chart with a recently taped album for “Cheek to Cheek.”
  • Longest time in between UK leading 20 albums: 39 years.
  • Earliest individual to enter the UK top 20 album chart with “Duets: An American Classic” when he was 80.
  • Longest time between the release of an original recording and a re-recording of the same single by the same artist.
Indeed, to quote another tune Bennett taped, the vocalist has actually been living “The Good Life.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.