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To The Moon Sequel Finding Paradise Is Coming to Nintendo Switch And Mobile

Five years since its initial release, Finding Paradise will be available on Nintendo Switch and mobile. Finding Paradise is the sequel to the widely acclaimed indie game To the Moon.

When To the Moon was published in 2011, it received criticism for not having enough gameplay elements. However, To the Moon’s emotional storytelling and stirring music won praise from players and critics alike. The story centers on the journey of two doctors through the memories of a dying man in an effort to fulfill his last wish. The narrative explores themes of grief, loss, and regret. With the success of To the Moon, developer Freebird Games, led by director and composer Kan Gao, launched a sequel titled Finding Paradise in 2017.


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In collaboration with XD Inc., Freebird Games is releasing Finding Paradise on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on November 18. The announcement was made on social media with a trailer briefly showing heartfelt scenes and dialogue from the game. XD Inc. stated that Finding Paradise has been remade in Unity, optimized for the ports, and remastered in high definition. In addition, a redesigned user interface, tap controls, and an auto-save feature have been introduced for the console and mobile versions. A music box mode that allows players to easily access the original soundtrack will also be available.

Like its predecessor, Finding Paradise has achieved critical acclaim. The game has a similar premise as To the Moon, following two doctors as they adventure through the complicated memories of a retired airline pilot to realize his dying wish. Compelling writing and music by Kan Gao delivered another touching and reflective experience to fans of To the Moon.

While gamers are looking forward to the release, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there were initial hiccups with the ports. In January 2020, To the Moon was released on Nintendo Switch. Players noted that the Unity remake, also by XD Inc., was largely faithful to the original but also had minor issues. These included longer loading periods and difficulty navigating levels.

Ahead of Finding Paradise’s launch on Nintendo Switch and mobile, some fans are already wondering when the third installment of the To the Moon series, Impostor Factory, will expand to other platforms. The title differs from the previous two games in that it’s a murder mystery that has drawn joking comparisons to Among Us, but it still delivers a heart-wrenching story that made players cry.

Finding Paradise is currently available on PC.

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