Timothy Olyphant may return as Raylan Givens in new show from Justified team

The imaginative group that brought Warranted to FX is making another program from the works of Elmore Leonard, Range reported on Wednesday. This time around, the FX program will be based upon the unique City Primeval: Midday in Detroit. Range likewise reports that Warranted star Timothy Olyphant might repeat his function as Raylan Givens in the brand-new series.

The Leonard book this program will be based upon follows a killer called Clement Mansell who’s terrifying Detroit and Raymond Cruz, the murder investigator attempting to capture him. One odd thing to note is that while Range points out that it’s possible Olyphant’s Raylan Givens might have a looking or supporting function in this brand-new series, he is not a character in the unique at all, showing that the imaginative group might be differing the source product for the brand-new program.

Graham Yost, the developer of Warranted, will act as the brand-new series’ executive manufacturer. On the other hand, Warranted authors and executive manufacturers Michael Supper and Dave Andron will co-write, executive fruit and vegetables and co-showrun the series. This new series will also bring back many of Warranted’s other executive manufacturers, along with Peter Leonard from the Elmore Leonard Estate.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.