Time capsule in Henry County reveals glimpse into past | News

McDONOUGH — Surrounded by a crowd of Henry County homeowners and authorities, a time pill buried in 1971 was uncovered Dec. 18.

The pill was buried 50 years back on the McDonough Square in event of the county’s 150th anniversary.

A variety of files such as a paper, Bible, church publication and a 1971 catalog, which boasted 89 cents for 3 loaves of bread, were consisted of.

Coins, photos, glass soda bottles, a bank card and a stick of Juicy Fruit gum were stashed for 2021 homeowners to discover.

County representative Nicholas Ivey stated it was interesting to see the pill opened.

“It wasn’t sealed well, but many of the items were still able to be read,” he stated.

Board of Commissioners Chair Carlotta Harrell stated it was actually cool to participate in something so historical.

“It was interesting to see everything and meet people who were children when the capsule was buried,” Harrell stated. “We had a great time and it was a great day for our community to come together.”

While lots of products were found, Harrell stated a number of individuals in participation, consisting of Mayor Billy Copeland, stated they think a 2nd pill was buried.

“Mayor Copeland said items he knew he placed in a capsule were not among those found on Saturday,” Harrell stated. “Another woman told me the letter her mother wrote wasn’t in the capsule either.”

County authorities, Harrell stated, will start looking today for a 2nd pill believed to be buried near the one buried in August 1971.

A bulk of the products recuperated were water logged. Harrell stated some were not opened or unfurled for worry of damage. Whatever was put in a cooler for conservation functions and will become on screen at the Polk Museum on the Square.

County authorities are now preparing to bury a 2022 time pill. Harrell stated the county has actually bought an air tight pill with the objective of gathering products from city and county homeowners in January.

Harrell and Mayor Copeland were signed up with by Commissioner Vivian Thomas, Commissioner Johnny Wilson and Rep. Brian Strickland.

The time pill was buried on Aug. 21, 1971 on the McDonough Square near the corner of Macon Street and John Frank Ward Boulevard.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.