TikToker KommanderKarl reloads household objects like they’re FPS weapons

Kommander Karl is a TikTok developer who intends to teach his fans about animation and video games. And a few of his TikToks just recently went viral, as players recognized he has a long-running series that’s remarkably engaging. In “Reloading Things,” Kommander Karl has actually thoroughly taken lots of typical home items, and turned them into ill weapons for a fictional FPS video game.

That doesn’t noise like a substantial accomplishment, once you see him in action, you understand there’s a particular art to it. And it’s specifically outstanding offered the variety of ordinary home products he’s “reloaded,” that include a Dyson vacuum, a kids’s pop-up toy, a toaster, and a handful of other products that don’t really require reloading. It’s not a surprise that this initially went viral; if you’re familiar with FPS video games, you’re most likely admiring the precision of his effort. From the method the weapon bobs, to the timing of the “animation,” everything looks area on.

Kommander Karl has this to a science. For example, this is how he refills a bathroom tissue blaster. Honestly, I’m transfixed. I seem like I’m ideal worldwide of Doom, simply in a restroom. Bathdoom, if you will.

Kommander Karl is on Twitter now, and he continues to publish to TikTok, where he submits brand-new entries in the series along with other content associated to video gaming and animation. Each time I believe I’m fed up with the Reloading Things series, I see a brand-new take on the principle and I’m tickled once again. For example, how do you refill a toaster? I previously had no idea of how to answer this question, but now I can.

This project is a great reminder that even small elements from games, like the humble refill animation from an FPS video game, can stick with us. It advises me of how I will sometimes consider a single line from a StarCraft system, or a sound result Mario makes as he leaps, even years later on. In some cases the strangest things can stick with us, and we commemorate them in intriguing methods. In Kommander Karl’s case, he’s able to reproduce that with an entire host of home items, and completion outcome is fantastic.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.