TikTok user programs giant robot to write out every word in Shrek

They state a photo deserves a thousand words — and one TikToker made a photo with over a thousand. Particularly from the Oscar-winning animated classic Shrek.

In reality, TikToker sunday.nobody customized a robotic to draw up the whole Shrek script as one long block of undisturbed text.

Sunday.nobody begun by enjoying Shrek and documenting whatever “that they said,” in a stream of words — sentence after sentence, instead of in movie script format. (Never ever mind that the movie script does currently exist on the planet.) He then set out a huge paper under a CNC maker, a piece of programmable equipment that can process metals, plastics, woods, and other products.

He tried to put a pen into where the cutting bit generally connects, however discovered that it didn’t rather work. The pressure was unequal, and the pen was unsteady. All of the Shrek words simply didn’t resonate at the requirement of appeal Shrek needs.

So, sunday.nobody returned to the drawing board, ultimately engineering and 3D-printing a pen holder that would work. He likewise developed a huge frame that would hold and show this Shrek script — total with a little aluminum art plaque to credit himself in the production of this work of art.

All stated and done, the procedure took a number of days — and a number of pen-ink refills — as the robotic dutifully worked away. The end product looks well worth the effort.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.