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Three ‘Destiny 2’ HELM Vendor Farms To Do Before Lightfall

While Bungie is no longer content vaulting full Destiny 2 expansions, they are still deleting all or most seasonal content every year. In this case, that means the erasure of not just the seasonal activities from this year, but the vendors associated with them.

This is not a guide about which god roll weapons to focus at those Destiny 2 vendors. I’ve done plenty of those. But rather, some of these vendors have pretty unique functionality that we don’t know if Lightfall and next year’s vendors will replicate. Here’s what I mean.

Season Of The Risen High Stat Armor

This remains the best high-stat armor focus location in the game. At this point, probably half my masterworked armor drops come from this focusing for the Risen seasonal armor. Slap on a mod of your choice (usually Discipline, as it will then give you a solid bet at a higher Recovery or Resilience stat because of how distribution works), and watch those 66s, 67s and 68s pour in.

Season Of Plunder World Drop Armorer Weapons

As of right now, this is the only place in the game where you can focus for specific world drop weapons, albeit you are in the larger pool of the entire armorer. That said, if you want something like a Funnelweb or Aurvandil, this is the place to do it, as otherwise you’re at the mercy of wider world drops or the world’s slowest rep gaining vendor, Banshee. It’s also likely the entire world drop pool is going to be shuffled around for Lightfall, so many of these weapons may no longer be there at all a month from now.

Seasons Of Plunder, Risen And Seraph Easy Crafting Currency

A lot of people ask me how I get so much currency to craft enhanced perks on loads of weapons. Well, I know some people just throw every red frame in their vault to dismantle or complete later for 100-300 resonant element, but a quick trick to get the easiest 900 currency a week is to do a round at three HELM vendors, Plunder, Risen and Seraph, and pick yourself up a Deepsight machine gun from each pool of weapons. Because an MG is a heavy weapon, you need fewer kills than most others. You can complete the weapon for 300 currency before you empty the first magazine, most of the time, if you’re killing red bars who die in one or two shots. We do know, however, that additional ways to farm crafting currency are coming with Lightfall, we just don’t know the details yet.

Sorry Season of the Haunted, I don’t remember anything cool your evil giant helmet vendor does specifically, and you don’t even have a machine gun.

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