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Those Old Radio Shows Aug. 19-20

Friday, Aug. 19

Hour One:Burns & Allen – The Tale Man Radio Show, Nick Carter – The Case of the Phantom Shoplifter

Hour Two: Mail Call – Groucho Marx, Marx Brothers – Groucho in Chicago / Groucho Patient

Hour Three: Dimension X – The Martian Death March

Saturday, Aug. 20

Hour One: Whistler – Murder at Twin Pines, Great Gildersleeve – Love at First Sight

Hour Two: My Favorite Husband – Liz & George Reminisce, Light’s Out – The Immortal Gentleman

Hour Three: Lux Radio Theater – Lydia

Hour Four: Jack Benny – At the Beach, Damon Runyon Theater – Blood Pressure

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Hour Five: The Saint – The Cowboy, Dark Fantasy – Letter from Yesterday

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