Thor is considered by many to be the greatest of the Olympians. Thor’s brother, Loki, is also a significant and intriguing character in Norse mythology, having the attributes of both of them.

Thor’s father is the trickster-god, Odin, who rules the Aesir, or giants, gods, along with his twin brother, Freyja. Odin’s mother is Jormunrek, the earth goddess who were completely of giant descent, and Thor’s father was named Jotunn, who was a god of the underworld. Thor was betrothed to a goddess named Inanna, who was the sister of the king of gods, Urd, but she was taken over by the evil demon, Skuld.

Once, Thor went looking for the king of gods, Odin, but instead found his sister Inanna. Inanna turned into a huge monster, which drove Thor crazy. He killed her and then transformed into a wolf. This monster-man, known as the Fenris Wolf, became an enemy of the gods and was banished to Midgard, a land of monsters.

When the gods returned to Asgard after many centuries of exile, Thor went looking for the Fenris Wolf. Thor found the wolf in Midgard, where the latter roamed about the land of Midgard. As soon as he saw the wolf, he became afraid, but Thor kept going, until finally, in the midst of his wanderings, he came across a group of dwarfs.

The giants showed the wolf the way back to Asgard, but the Fenris Wolf didn’t want to go. Instead, he chose to flee and hide in the deepest part of the cave.

Eventually, Thor returned, but he was dismayed by the sight of the gigantic Nazgûl and his brothers. In order to save himself, Thor transformed into a dragon. He and the other gods traveled to the home of the nazgûl and challenged him to combat. They managed to defeat him, but before the battle was over, the wolf transformed himself into an eagle and flew away.

This turned out to be a wise move on the part of Thor, because once he had fled the cave, he could not find a way to enter back into his house. He eventually took a journey through the World to find a way to return home.

Later, he went to the home of his brother, Baldr, who was the god of thunder. With the help of his god-children, Thor fought against the forces of darkness and defeated his brother and restored the balance between good and evil. He became a god again, but he did not return to Asgard for many years, because his wife, Inanna, his love interest, was murdered by the dark god, Hani.

Afterward, Thor left her house and traveled to the place where she lived with Hani, where they helped each other. Later, Hani returned to find that the gods who had abandoned him had left him, too, and decided to kill him.

But before Hani could do this, Thor appeared in his full fury. Thor and Hani fought each other, and during the battle, Thor destroyed Hani’s sword, leaving only the blade. He then turned back into a dragon. He flew away with the sword, but Hani followed him, and when he reached his home he killed her.

However, before Hani died, she warned Thor not to hurt his son, so he didn’t destroy his son. He allowed her to be buried and changed back into a woman.

Afterward, Thor disappeared again, and became a god, but he still retained his ability to transform into a dragon. He was able to fly into the sky and speak to people, telling them that he loved them and would watch over them always.