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This Year’s Xbox Showcase Could Be Different in One Key Way

According to some industry insiders, this year’s edition of the Xbox Showcase could mark a departure from previous incarnations in one major aspect: it will include games more than a year away. The rumor comes with one month to go until Xbox and Bethesda pull back the curtain on what’s coming to Xbox and PC in the near future, and gamers responded to the change in plans with some cautious enthusiasm.

Following the 2022 edition of the Xbox Showcase, Xbox put out a notorious post on social media that named every game that would release within a calendar year, including the highly anticipated Hollow Knight: Silksong, to the surprise of many gamers. However, recent news came to light about Silksong‘s development, which means it will likely not be shown in any form in this year’s Xbox Showcase. While the delay to Hollow Knight: Silksong now renders that social media post moot, that has not stopped Xbox and its partners from moving forward with their plans for the rest of 2023. However, Xbox may be looking beyond the short term.


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According to Idlesloth84_ on Twitter, Xbox 2 Podcast host Jez Corden stated that Xbox may show games that will not only release within a year but beyond it as well. In short, Microsoft is moving away from focusing on games that will release within 12 months, and look towards the future of the entire Xbox ecosystem. However, this does not change what gamers should expect from this year’s Xbox Showcase. With Starfield receiving a separate, dedicated broadcast after the conclusion of the Xbox Showcase, games such as STALKER 2, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, and the next Forza Motorsport title may be shown during the broadcast. However, neither Idlesloth84_ nor Corden named any specific games that would be shown specifically during the broadcast, nor did they give a reason why Xbox shifted their focus.

In the replies to Idlesloth84_’s tweet, most users praised Microsoft for making the call to go beyond their limited scope. Other users pointed to the delay of Hollow Knight: Silksong as a potential reason why Xbox chose to move away from a 12-month release window. Yet, with Xbox supposedly looking beyond the scope of 2023 and the first half of 2024, this may open the door for other big games to be teased and shown during the upcoming showcase.

Though gamers may want to hold their breath for news of certain titles such as The Elder Scrolls 6, the fact that the window is open still leaves that as a remote possibility. All in all, a busy and exciting slate of games awaits Xbox and PC players in both the near and far future.

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