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This transfixing Xbox Game Pass adventure trusts you to pick apart its secrets

I scour the grainy footage of a seductive 60s film, watching as my elusive starlet, clad in a white robe, places individual red roses in a vase as she flirts with a rugged monk. When the scene comes to an end, my eyes dart around my screen as I rewind and fast forward the footage. What stands out? The roses do, of course, but there’s a painting of our leading actor that has particularly caught my attention. 

I click on the painting and am pulled to another scene, this time in an art gallery. Once again the starlet, Marissa Marcel, is front and center but, this time, she’s sporting a quintessentially 70s haircut that makes her almost unrecognizable. I click on her face and am transported to another scene. The crisp footage tells me it’s not the 70s anymore. Marissa has adopted a pop princess look for this film, befitting its late 90s setting. But, somehow, she’s not aged a day since the 60s. What the hell is going on?

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