‘This guy needs a kidney, I’ve got two’ | Local

He’d studied German, taught by the Rev. Earl Behr, at Holly Hill High School.

When Simons was a trainee there, she was among Behr’s German language trainees too.

In addition, Behr was her pastor in the beginning Baptist Church of Holly Hill.

“We just really had a good time talking about that,” she stated.

As time went on, and Lewis’s one operating kidney started to fail him, she asked him if he’d had the ability to discover a donor.

“And I remember that day, leaving my office and on the way home, I kept thinking about Chris and I kept thinking about his situation,” Simons stated.

“And the thought occurred to me, ‘I have two kidneys and this guy needs one and I don’t need but one,’” she stated.

As she continued her drive house, she ended up being more fired up thinking of the possibility that she might provide Lewis a possibility, simply by offering him among her kidneys.

When she got house, she stated to her other half, “James, I need to tell you something. I’m thinking about this and this is just a thought and I know it sounds crazy, but I met this guy who needs a kidney and I’ve got two. I really feel like I’ve been called to go and investigate that.”

Her other half took a look at her and stated, “Connie, if you feel that way, that’s God, so you have my full support.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.