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This Cybertruck Lookalike Has a 600-Mile Range

The Tesla Cybertruck may never make it to production, but IAT Automobile Technology Co. has an alternative. The China-based automotive research and development firm debuted this monstrous electric T-MAD pickup truck, resembling Tesla’s planned Cybertruck offering. Almost the same length as the Tesla at just under 24 feet long, the T-MAD is wider and taller with massive off-road tires, and it certainly has a presence.

Details are scarce about the T-MAD concept, but the company did say that an entry-level version would have a 497-mile range, while the top-level model would be able to travel 621 miles (1,000 km) on a single charge. No word on the electric motor output, but if it’s anything like the Tesla it mimics, expect extreme performance.

A bold front design that features a full-width LED light rather than the traditional headlights is helping the T-MAD stand out from the crowd – not that it needs any help. There is no front grille – instead, the truck has a large black bumper with two tow hooks, adding to its off-road intentions. The four-door truck has rear-hinged rear doors, which create a wide opening into the massive cabin.

The T-MAD has an interior that matches the exterior’s outrageous design, and it’s like nothing we’ve seen before. The driver sits alone in the center at the front, with two bucket seats in the row behind. A larger bench seat makes up the third row and offers seating for two (or so it appears). All three front seats swivel to create a living room-like atmosphere, and the fact that the driver’s seat also turns to the rear would imply this vehicle has some level of autonomous driving ability.

While the T-MAD is just a concept for now, the company plans to have a production version of this truck available sometime next year, with prices starting below $70,000. Whether or not that happens, it is unlikely that this truck will ever make it to America.

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