Things You Need to Know About the Roman Colosseum

When you visit Rome for the first time, you may be surprised by the many sights that you can see. A trip to the Roman Empire will provide you with some of the most memorable experiences and be a journey you will never forget.

The Roman Colosseum is the center of attraction for the Roman Empire. It was a very important site during the birth of Roman Empire and it still remains one of the best sites to visit even today.

It was built during the Roman era. The building has been demolished numerous times, but the facade remains the same. It stands on the summit of the city of Rome, where there is an overpass connected to Via Flaminia.

The Colosseum has become a prominent landmark for the Roman Empire. It was a part of the Coliseum, which is a theater built in the form of a temple. It was built as an ancient amphitheater.

The Colosseum was used for the Games of the Olympic Games and then it was turned into a palace of Emperor Domitian A.D. 44. The Colosseum was converted into a Roman structure in the middle of the 4th century A.D. It was originally built as a huge amphitheater to be used as a showplace for the plebeians and especially for public spectacles.

The Colosseum was built with two large roofs to hold the stadium. A series of columns supported the base of the structure, while the rest of the structures were of columns and arches. The grandeur of the structure was brought about by the architects who wanted to make it more attractive.

As the Colosseum became popular entertainment and pleasure was not the only reason why it was built. Roman authorities also considered the place suitable for war. When the emperor Domitian wanted to get his soldiers to battle, he had the Colosseum constructed. The members of the crowd were separated from the spectators and then they were loaded on ships to Africa to fight.

On Augusta, Augustus, the governor of Egypt, invaded Italy to expand his power and occupied Rome and the other cities. He, too, wanted to get his soldiers to battle at the Colosseum.

The site became known as the “castle of the gods.” It was found out that the ground under the stadium was very soft, so it was excavated and filled in with earth.

The main reason for constructing the building was to hold the Olympics because they took place on this site every four years. The construction of the Colosseum was meant to strengthen the Roman Empire.

The Romans employed thousands of workers and put them to work on the building project. It was a huge undertaking and needed many years to complete. By the year 150, the Colosseum was fully completed.

The Colosseum opened its doors to the public for the first time on August 7, 46 B.C. and was opened to spectators for the first time on October 31, 150 A.D. However, it didn’t reopen to the public for another twenty years.