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These Nintendo Characters Give The Worst Christmas Presents

The gift-giving season is upon us. It’s that time of year when terrible gift-givers feel the most dread and struggle to find a meaningful present for those they care about. Some people are just forgetful, cramming in their Christmas shopping at the last possible second, which often leads to some…interesting present selections, to put it gently.

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But it’s expected that some Christmas gifts just miss the mark. Whether you’re the recipient of a bad present or someone who struggles with gift-giving during the holiday season, you might relate to these Nintendo characters, who would definitely give some terrible gifts for Christmas.


10/10 Wario (Super Mario Bros.)

Wario Flexing

Wario is a loose cannon in the Mario Bros. series. Whether he’s helping or hindering Mario and the other heroes, one thing’s certain about Wario: he’s in it for himself. Wario isn’t afraid to make trouble and often works as a trickster.

For those reasons, Wario would likely give terrible Christmas gifts—on purpose. Some of his gifts might be pranks, like an exploding box or a fake Goomba enemy popping out of the bag designed to scare the gift’s recipient. If he’s not making jokes through his gifts, they’re likely cheap purchases reflecting his miserly tendencies.

9/10 Blathers (Animal Crossing)

blathers golden trout animal crossing new horizons

The owl Blathers is one of Animal Crossing’s best NPCs, famous for managing the town’s museum and collecting your donations of bugs, fish, fossils, and art to display. Fitting for the role of the museum curator, Blathers is naturally curious and scholarly, demonstrating his knowledge of the various fauna you bring him.

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However, Blathers can be longwinded and a little oblivious when it comes to sharing his research with you. For Christmas, you might expect him to gift you a giant textbook on some obscure fish or a long letter about a particular art piece you donated. Which are not exactly riveting gifts for most people to receive.

8/10 Sonia (Pokemon: Sword & Shield)

Pokemon Sword Shield Sonia Introduction

When you first meet Sonia in Pokemon: Sword and Shield, she is indecisive about what she wants to make of her life. With gift giving, Sonia might struggle with decision paralysis, unsure what to get her friends and procrastinating so much that, in the end, she grabs a random gift to give instead of a thoughtful one.

However, eventually, Sonia embraces the role of a Pokemon professor, tracking down clues about the Galar region that aid you in saving the day. Chances are, though, her gift-giving still wouldn’t improve after this, as she’d be so focused on her research that she might forget Christmas altogether and just hand you a copy of her book.

7/10 Samus (Metroid)

Samus Aran holds a Baby Metroid in a dark cave

Metroid’s hero, Samus, is an incredibly selfless warrior, willing to take on any challenge to save those in need. While her selfless nature might make her a good gift-giver, Samus, unfortunately, doesn’t know how to take a break. With so many threats in the universe, the holidays are likely not on her mind.

Samus, though, wouldn’t give into the last-minute shopping rush. Instead, she’d show up with the remains of whatever alien she just vanquished to save you as a sign of her care. While the gesture is well-intentioned and appreciated, an alien corpse isn’t exactly something you want to open up on Christmas morning…

link and the minish from the legend of zelda minish cap

As the Hero of Hyrule, The Legend of Zelda’s Link can’t be matched. He’s proven his might as Hyrule’s defender over countless adventures. But as a gift-giver? Link would likely come up a little short.

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Link tends to share this in common with his previous incarnations: getting distracted by side quests. When he’s not off completing side missions, he’s singularly focused on stopping whatever evil is threatening the world. With so much on his plate, he’s likely to forget about Christmas and rush to get some last-minute shopping in. Or, if all else fails, he’d just wrap up a few of the random odds and ends he’s collected on his journey to shove under the tree.

5/10 Riki (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Xenoblade Chronicles Character Riki with Family

Riki, one of the Nopon who joins your party in Xenoblade Chronicles, is the Heropon of his people. He is cheerful to a fault and eager to help out, but unfortunately has a problem managing his money. He also comes across as a little oblivious to his fellow heroes.

Because he can be scatterbrained and struggles to read the room, Riki would not be the best at picking out the ideal gift for each of his friends. His presents would likely be handcrafted due to his financial constraints. Though hand-made gifts are often thoughtful, Riki isn’t known for his artistic skills, so these gifts would likely miss the mark too.

4/10 Knuckle Joe (Kirby)

Kirby Knuckle Joe Assist Trophy

One of Kirby’s reoccurring enemies who packs a mean punch, Knuckle Joe comes across as someone who might be a bit of a Grinch during the Christmas season. This is strengthened by his weakness to the Blizzard element in many Kirby games.

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Instead of a sweet, kind Christmas gift, Knuckle Joe is more likely to give you a Vulcan Jab to the face. If he does wrap up a gift for you, it would probably be some sort of boxing gloves or aids, hinting not-so-subtly that you need to work out more and prepare for his next attack.

3/10 Porky Minch (EarthBound/Mother)

Porky Minch As In Super Smash Bros Brawl

It’s no surprise that Porky Minch, one of the primary villains of the EarthBound / Mother series, would be a terrible gift-giver—if he even gave you a Christmas gift at all. He is a notoriously self-centered, rude boy who shows little regard for others.

If Porky did happen to give a gift, immediately after you opened it, he would likely smash it to pieces just for fun. It’s just the sort of joke that Porky would find delight in: to give you a taste of Christmas joy only to yank it away in the next second.

2/10 Fox McCloud (Star Fox)

Star Fox Screenshot Of Fox McCloud

Star Fox’s hero Fox McCloud is a hotshot pilot who tackles issues in his own way. Though he’s the leader of the team, he can be stubborn and will set out on his own to solve problems and achieve victory. He’s not exactly the best team player.

Because of that, Fox would also not be the best gift-giver during the Christmas season. He’s more likely to get his friends something he thinks they need rather than what they want. Honestly, it wouldn’t be that surprising if Fox just gave out signed pictures of himself as Christmas gifts.

1/10 Louie (Pikmin)

Louie in Pikmin

Though Louie is Olimar’s sidekick in the Pikmin series, he’s not always the most reliable friend. From wandering off rather than helping Olimar to eating up whole shipments of food, he’s caused a lot of trouble.

As a Christmas gift, he’s likely to give you one of two items: food or the bugs he’s fond of collecting. However, due to his lack of self-control, he’d likely eat your gift before giving it to you, leaving you with nothing more than a box full of crumbs or insect legs.

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