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These are the Stay Frosty god rolls and best perks in Destiny 2

In Season of the Seraph, Destiny 2 is holding its usual Dawning event festivities to usher in the holiday season. Those festivities also come with some gun-shape gifts in the form of winter-themed loot every year. For this year’s Dawning event, the shiny new piece of loot that players are chasing is the Stay Frosty pulse rifle, a weapon unique for both its rare frame and the incredible perks it wields.

Stay Frosty is a Lightweight Frame pulse rifle, one of only three in Destiny 2 as of this season. Without counting the few lost in Beyond Light’s sunsetting process, Stay Frosty only stands alongside Chattering Bone and the Ogma PR6 for competition. That makes it a rare addition to anyone’s collection regardless. But what makes Stay Frosty most notable of all is that it’s the first of this frame to be built with perks dedicated to PvP.

Desperado, Kill Clip, and Golden Tricorn in the second column are all amazing choices to buff up the damage of a traditionally weaker pulse rifle frame. When combined with four unique perk choices in the first column dedicate to improving the gun’s accuracy as well, there are some rolls of Stay Frosty possible that could stand against the more traditional meta choices in the Crucible. Not to mention that those same rolls can still be just as good in PvE environments as well.

Its lack of being craftable will be a hit to its potential, but with an Origin Trait dedicated to offering players significantly more Dawning Gifts off of just multikills alone, getting additional drops of Stay Frosty should be much easier than Dawning weapons in previous years.

Stay Frosty god rolls and best perks in Destiny 2

Stay Frosty PvP god roll

Screengrab via d2gunsmith
  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds or High-Caliber Rounds
  • First perk: Killing Wind
  • Second perk: Desperado

Stay Frosty PvE god roll

Screengrab via d2gunsmith
  • Barrel: Smallbore
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell
  • First perk: Killing Wind or Encore
  • Second perk: Kill Clip

A lack of the usual reload speed perks such as Outlaw are sorely missed in the first column, but that doesn’t hamper Stay Frosty in the same way it might hamper a heavier frame of pulse rifle. Lightweight Frames already have a great base reload speed, one that can be further improved with the right magazine choice. With Outlaw and Rapid Hit missing, though, we instead look to the likes of Killing Wind and Encore to bump up other essential stats such as range that Stay Frosty might lack in otherwise.

A PvE god roll is a much tougher one to decide on since all of the perks in the second column could have some value in the right hands. But Kill Clip and Golden Tricorn are the most reliable and therefore come most highly recommended for most players. Similarly, all of the weapon’s utility options in the first column are viable, with the recently buffed Encore and Killing Wind standing out as the best overall picks.

First perk column

Killing Wind

As the most nimble of the pulse rifle frames, Lightweight Frames like Stay Frosty struggle a lot with both range and recoil direction. Killing Wind can help a lot with that, offering up a significant 20 range bump on a killing blow alongside enough handling and mobility to max out Stay Frosty’s handling stat in most scenarios.

If you can secure that first kill to activate Killing Wind’s effects, the perk will make Stay Frosty feel significantly better at the mid to long range that other pulse rifle frames traditionally excel in. This will allow it to compete in PvP, something that prior lightweight frame pulse rifles have traditionally struggled to do.


Encore got buffed in Season of the Seraph and does a lot of similar things to Killing Wind but with the key difference of offering a stability bonus instead of a handling bonus. It will require multiple kills to get the four stacks of Encore necessary to enjoy the maximum benefits, meaning that it is mostly reserved for PvE usage, but a roll of Stay Frosty with Encore will no doubt feel great to use with Kill Clip, Desperado or Golden Tricorn.

Tunnel Vision

An alternative to Killing Wind for PvP, Tunnel Vision has some great synergy with Kill Clip now that both can be refreshed after additional kills rather than being limited by a set duration. The significant increases to aim assist and accuracy will be perfect on a weapon like Stay Frosty that at base balances its speed with great inaccuracy, neutralizing some of those negatives entirely.

Moving Target

Moving Target’s easy-to-use bonuses to movement speed and target acquisition while aiming down sights are nice but might not be enough for a weapon that struggles at long range against other pulse rifles. A good PvP roll of Stay Frosty may need to rely on the likes of Killing Wind in this column instead, but Moving Target can still be a good perk choice if you focus your barrel and magazine choices on bumping the weapon’s base range first.


Thresh was already a perk with rarely a reason to be used before Super generation got tweaked in recent seasons. With how easy Supers are to generate in PvE now, Thresh doesn’t have the kind of utility that makes it a worthwhile investment in a perk slot otherwise inhabited by the likes of Killing Wind. This can be a choice for players focused on their Super but it’s not one that’s highly recommended.


Well-Rounded is a nice middle ground to take between Killing Wind and Encore, benefitting range, stability, and handling simultaneously. But it requires kills with charged abilities to proc, a cost that can be difficult to consistently pay with lengthy cooldowns. For players with builds that have a grenade or melee ability constantly available, Well-Rounded will be an ideal pickup. But for most players, Killing Wind and Encore are more reliable.

Offhand Strike

A new addition to the perk pool, Offhand Strike has potential, but not so much on Stay Frosty specifically. With its sizeable benefits to range, stability, and accuracy applying exclusively to hipfire, it better serves weapon types such as submachine guns compared to a pulse rifle that is usually used scoped in.

Second perk column


A potentially massive introduction to the perk pool of a Lightweight Frame pulse rifle, Desperado is a hard perk to root against whenever it’s available. The bump to fire rate after a precision kill could allow Stay Frosty to have a rapid time to kill, which will make any player a hard opponent to fight against when combined with a Lightweight Frame’s passive buffs to movement speed and handling.

Kill Clip

Kill Clip will be a more traditional choice compared to Desperado, but one that nonetheless carries a lot of value in PvE or PvP environments. The weaker 25 percent damage boost it now provides will hinder its place in the ratings, but it’s still safe and reliable in most scenarios. Its main competition in the form of Golden Tricorn could prevent it from being a mainstay choice for most players in PvE, however.

Golden Tricorn

Golden Tricorn will be the damage perk of choice for any player pairing Stay Frosty with the Stasis subclass. With anti-barrier pulse rifle, anti-overload Stasis grenade, and anti-unstoppable Stasis melee mods available in Season of the Seraph’s Artifact, Golden Tricorn is a perfect fit for a god roll intended for use in endgame PvE. Only one weapon kill and one kill with a matching grenade or melee ability are enough to grant its full 50 percent damage boost, the largest in Destiny 2, for a hefty 10-second duration.

Adaptive Munitions

Adaptive Munitions is an underrated choice here. With Stasis shields not existing in Destiny 2 as of now, Stay Frosty holds little purpose in activities that feature the Match Game modifier without some assistance to its shield-breaking abilities as a Primary. Adaptive Munitions does just that, giving the weapon bonus damage against shields that don’t match its energy type (which, in this case, is all of them).


A popular perk for many Stasis subclass users, a niche audience will no doubt find a use for Headstone on this weapon in PvE activities. Headstone allows players to generate Stasis Crystals off of precision final blows, and with Stasis Crystals able to provide everything from ability energy to damage resistance with the right builds, the utility of such an effect can be high in the right hands.


Headseeker could be a good perk to experiment with, thanks to Stay Frosty’s Lightweight Frame meaning that it will be less precise than most pulse rifles at long range. The bonus to both the weapon’s aim assist and its precision multiplier off of body shots can make the few precision shots you hit against enemies in PvP more meaningful, balancing out the pitfalls of the archetype.


Under-Over still lacks a place in the perk pool meta, with too niche of a scenario that it’s used in and an effect that isn’t big enough to merit using it even in those niche scenarios. The bonus damage to combatant shields is especially irrelevant on Stay Frosty, where Adaptive Munitions is available and does the same job way better.

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