There’s a new FarmVille game with new crops and cute animals

The initial FarmVille was a Facebook experience with an extremely easy idea: What if you could grow a lot of crops with time, transform them into earnings, and after that grow more crops on a larger farm? It’s been over a years ever since, and lots of video games are still affected by FarmVille today. On Thursday, Zynga revealed a brand-new addition to the FarmVille franchise for iOS, Android, and Mac.

Players appear to a homestead and total difficulties in order to open brand-new farmhands, learn more about animal husbandry, and even manage the weather condition. There are 150 types of infant animals, and somebody’s gotta raise them right. That’s you, the farmer, helped by series veteran and valuable guide character Marie.

There are chickens, cows, growing crops, and all of the important things you would anticipate from a FarmVille video game, however likewise some odder additions. For example, your farm might have an alpaca, or a tiger. Not 100% sure why you’d desire a tiger — looks like a security threat — however it is rather charming.

Gamers can likewise personalize their house and connect to next-door neighbors to form co-ops for more benefits and much easier farming. Users who download the video game within the next 2 weeks get a starter package with some goodies with which they can begin their farm.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.