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The Witch Queen wasn’t just a good Destiny 2 expansion—it was the best FPS campaign of the year

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The temperature of the Destiny 2 community these last few months has been set to ‘spicy’. Players are feeling burnt out on the seasonal model, PvP influencers are doomposting about sandbox changes, and subreddit threads are quick to assume the worst in regards to any communication coming out of Bungie. Given this, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Destiny 2 was having a bad year.

And yet, this year Bungie also released Destiny 2’s best expansion to date. The Witch Queen was so good that I don’t feel the need to qualify my praise of its campaign by saying “it’s good for a live-service game”. No, Bungie delivered what is easily the best FPS campaign released this year. Admittedly the competition wasn’t that stiff—sorry Modern Warfare 2, I guess.

Three Guardians stand-off against a Lucent Knight in his Super.

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This was a major departure for Destiny 2. For previous expansions, the campaign felt like an afterthought—a few loose missions designed to bridge the gap between more templated repeatable activities like Beyond Light’s Empire Hunts.

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